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Vending machines rentals give your event a unique experience and showcase seamlessly all the gear you’ve worked hard to develop for your attendees. Not only can they dispense your event swag, but other important items like chargers, masks, event drinks — and in exchange for attendee information, or social media interaction. Everyone will enjoy the novelty of these machines, and you get the benefit of better attendee engagement.

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Branded Vending Machine Rentals

  • 27″ Screen with customized UX experience
  • 5 rows of coils, 2 coils deep (10 total)
  • 120 Volts, 35 lbs
  • Quality QR barcode scanner
  • Touchless service
  • Fully Brandable / Wrapped
  • 48″ Screen with customized UI experience
  • 8 Shelves, 10 channel rows
  • 120 Volts, 750 lbs
  • Refrigerated trays
  • Quality QR barcode scanner
  • Touchless service
  • Fully Brandable / Wrapped

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Meet the Vending Machine with Swagger

These aren’t your average vending machines. With easy to customize wraps, apps, and social integration, you can take dispensing your event swag to the next level.

These machines have social sharing options that encourage users to share their contact info, gather surveys and data responses, and even play games. They also feature a touchless vending experience, age verification and POS. And with several models of machines to choose from, there’s a vending machine option that will match your needs, whether you’re filling it with food and drinks, device chargers, or t-shirts.

eTech Rentals offers vending machine rentals for world-class events nationwide. Give us a call or fill out a quote to discuss our event details, select your swag, pick your custom UX, and go over Artwork specs. Our technicians can guide you through selecting the right vending machine based on your needs and location.

Need a Vending Machine Rental Today?

Vending Machine Rentals are Only a Part of What We Can Do.

eTech Rentals is a technology rental company providing a vast array of event rentals to support meeting planners and event management professionals in Southern California and beyond. In addition to fully wrapped and branded vending machines, we offer event charging stations and kiosks, Wi-Fi hotspot rentals, laptops, desktop computers, cell phones, tablets, VR equipment and more. We work closely with event planners, IT managers, production coordinators, project managers, as well as operations directors to supply the technology and expertise to get the job done right.

To ask about vending machines or full packaged solutions, contact our rental experts or submit the quick eQuote form today and experience what easy, effective service truly feels like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship vending machines outside of California?

Yes. Our partnerships with vending machine providers allow us to deliver your machine when and where ever you need it. There is a 4+ week lead time needed for these.
Give us a call :+1-877-738-3246

What type of events or locations benefit from vending machines?

Our smart vending machines are better than existing machines that you see in public, they are packed full of experiential technology which is touchless vending and cutting edge technology which will get you the data and engagement you need.
Traditional trade show booths and registration areas are excellent places for vending machines, but any spot where you’d like attendees to gather or collaborate. Just be sure to make the area comfortable while attendees wait, accommodate seating and enough room to view the items and use the items out of the machine, especially if it’s a charger or food/drink.

What types of vending machines do you have?

Vendx MINI
Social shares, surveys, data collection – or place in permanent locations for giveaways of essential items such as face masks, sanitizers or gloves to battle Covid19 – sky’s the limit. The Vendx Mini is only 35 lbs! It has 5 rows of coils to dispense a variety of goods, 2 coils deep – totaling 10.

Plan unique experiences. The VendX XL have been used in pop up events, conferences, and more. Engage your audience with one of our games and dispense swag along the way. The VendX XL from LuxDisinfect is perfect for dispensing samples, PPE, and other materials. The XL is extra large. It’s 750 lbs, has 8 shelves with 10 channel rows.

What items can go inside? Is it refrigerated?

Anything from a pack of gum to a bottle of wine can fit inside! The maximum item dimensions for an individual item is 11.8” x 8” x 5.5” The minimum item dimension for an individual item is 2” (D) x 7” (W) Anything smaller than the required dimensions can still be looked at and possibly prepared differently to then fit the minimum requirements. The unit can be refrigerated as well.

What is the lead time?

The standard lead time is 4 weeks. If you are looking to do something more custom it can require an extra week or two to finalize.

Is the unit brandable? If so, when would you need the artwork?

Each vending machine is can be completed branded. We use Adobe Illustrator templates that would need to be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event.

What UX are there to choose from?

Our base model includes a 3-Question Survey, a “Pop It” Gamification, or a Social Media Interaction. You can also integrate a touchless version with any of the UX options. Additional UX options can be Video Experience, App Download, Merch POS Experience, Data Collection, Age Verification, Rewards Integration, Profile Builder as well as any custom experience you are looking to create!

Who handles maintenance during the event?

We can provide an onsite technician to handle any maintenance such as restocking and troubleshooting. We recommend this, but you can also handle the maintenance internally as well if preferred.