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There is no cheap alternative to good WiFi. You need it to steadfastly work and you’ll only know you’ve compromised when it doesn’t.  eTech Rentals provides enterprise WiFi solutions for the Nation’s most well attended and renowned events, festivals, and associations throughout the U.S. We’re there when the event is critical, when the connections mean profit or loss, when there’s no room for error.  We offer devices that can connect 1,000’s of users, bonded 5G WiFi that’s portable yet powerful, Satellite WiFi for remote events, and consulting services for businesses and event professionals so you’ll never have to worry about solid internet coverage regardless of the venue. We’re the tried and true experts in event internet. Call us for a quote and consult on your next event.

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  • Connect up to 1,000 users.
  • Ideal for large indoor/outdoor festivals or arena events.
  • Highly customizable, flexible internet solution
  • Configurable with 8 or 16 software programmable radios (2.4GHz or 5GHz).
  • Supports 300Mbps or 450Mbps in 802.11n modes.
  • Requires eTech networking technician set-up
  • Available in California only
  • Connect 100’s of users or Supports Continuous Streaming
  • Ideal for tradeshows, conventions and live streaming events.
  • Redundant internet solution that is necessary for smooth streaming
  • Bonding up to (4) USB LTE hotspots on different carriers.
  • (3) ethernet broadband connections can join available WiFi networks into (1) hardline.
  • Available Nationwide
  • Connect up to 20 users per device.
  • Ideal for outdoor & remote events.
  • High-speed, low-latency broadband.
  • Enables high data rate activities.
  • Long battery life.
  • Outdoor use rated.
  • 5G & 4G LTe compatible.
  • Available nationwide

We Specialize & Offer Custom Solutions For:

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Making Meaningful Connections Guaranteed

We’re no strangers to event internet. It’s all about connections, both making meaningful business connections at a conference or keeping the flow of presentations, tickets, purchases, shares and likes going, and neither can happen smoothly without a strong network.

eTech offers a myriad of internet solutions to fit your event needs. We have enterprise wireless devices that can handle thousands of simultaneous connections and that can be delivered same-day in Southern California. We also offer bonded WiFi, a more portable solution that can support hundreds of users per hub and can be shipped to your venue as soon as next day! We even have Satellite internet hotspots that enable connectivity for remote and rural event locations.

Event internet is not one-size-fits-all solution, and renting a temporary WiFi solution is often more cost effective and reliable than using the internet provided by a venue, particularly if the venue is a stadium, outside, or in a remote location. eTech gives you the power of scalable, 5G WiFi coverage for large event crowds, hundreds or more, and customized solutions to complex coverage issues. Our experts are skilled in helping you determine just how much bandwidth you need for your location and event type, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about connectivity.

State of the Art WiFi Rental Technology – Daily, Weekly or Monthly Contracts.

Automotive Racing Event – eTech provided a custom WiFi solution to cover the entire indoor/outdoor event space.


eTech Rentals maintains state of the art, enterprise-grade network equipment, with unique capabilities over consumer network and on-site venue gear. It is mission critical to keep your tour or event connected and working. Plug and play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access for our support team, makes our system THE choice of tours and events of all shapes and sizes.

Service & Features include:

    • High Density WiFi – support for every device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, kiosks, TVs, POS machines, etc.
    • 5G WiFi Hotspot ready modems and access points
    • Channel planning and setup assistance


Rent Temporary Event WiFi for:

  • Tech & User Conferences or Experiential Marketing Events – Multiple simultaneous devices, demanding applications, or even gaming conventions? We’ve got you covered!
  • Virtual Conferences & Hybrid Events – maintain the same strong internet connection for virtual speakers as well as your main event venue.
  • Outdoor Events & Festivals – music festivals, food and wine events, large indoor and outdoor spaces that need coverage, we make sure your event’s purchasing, live streaming, and attendee device connectivity will run smoothly.

HQ in LA, Nationwide Shipping Same Day

Headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, CA eTech Rentals has provided equipment rentals for companies across the U.S. from San Francisco, Dallas and Austin, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S. If you need an portable device today or tomorrow, eTech Rentals is everywhere you need us to be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of WiFi solutions do you offer?

eTech has enterprise arrays, bonded WiFi, and multiple 4G/5G hotspots available for rent. Our enterprise arrays are available only in California for large indoor/outdoor events. Nationally we offer bonded WiFi solutions that can support 100’s of users, as well as smaller 5G/4G hotspot solutions for 30+ users. Our technicians are able to assess the location and type of event. In some cases, your event will need an onsite technician that will set up, monitor and troubleshoot all connectivity issues. Large scale events or difficult locations (outside, concrete spaces or multi-room complexes) often need the expertise that our technicians provide.

What is bonded WiFi?

Bonded WiFi is when multiple hotspots or broadband devices are connected at a hub, the internet bandwidth is then combined to increase the overall speed. It provides the benefits of a fast yet compact internet solution without the hefty costs of larger routers or arrays, which can cost tens of thousands and strain your event’s budget.

Why should we use eTech Rentals WiFi Services?

– Faster speeds
– Quicker uploads and downloads, no buffering time
– Smarter technology

If you’re displaying at a trade show or organizing a conference or business meeting, you cannot afford to get an unreliable wireless signal causing slowdowns and headaches. More than that, you can’t always rely on the venue’s available network to be up to speed…literally. eTech Rentals has an extensive array of wireless equipment in-stock and ready to deliver to you. Our reliable event wifi rental solutions ensure you can provide a fast wireless connection for your event and for everyone attending.

What if our event venue already offers WiFi?

All too often, venue WiFi is spotty at best and can all be very slow. No doubt, you’ve attended events or conferences where you couldn’t even get connected, or you were unable to download critical information in a timely manner.

Since we know that effective WiFi is always at the core of any successful event, eTechRentals works with the venue to augment the existing WiFi or completely replace it. This often is far less expensive than the venue’s comparable Internet solution.