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Laptop Rentals

Up to 15.6″ display
265 GB SSD
Intel Core i7 Quad-Core

Up to 15.6″ display
Nvidia GeForce GTX 2060 – 3060 RTX
Intel Core i7 Quad-Core 7700HQ

13″ – 16″
8GB – 32GB
Apple M1 Chips

Laptop Rental Accessories

Full HD 1080P Video Capture for live streaming, broadcasting, gaming record, or video conferencing. No driver needed.

Large monitors for displays, presentations, or workspace, 22″ – 27″ high resolution. Available for delivery in CA.

Connect up to 100’s of users or Supports Continuous Streaming. Ideal for tradeshows, conventions and live streaming events. 4 different solutions, 3 different carrier options. Available Nationwide

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Rent a Laptop with Flexible Daily & Weekly Rates

Get Your Business, Tradeshow, or Event Up and Running Fast: Same-Day Laptop Rental Services, Available Nationwide!

Get the reliable laptop rental that meets your business or event needs with fast, same-day shipping! eTech Rentals offers a range of high-quality laptops for rent, with the latest models and updated software, perfect for business or events. Our nationwide shipping means you can receive your laptops fast, no matter where ever you are in the country. With competitive pricing and bulk order options, our laptop rental services are the perfect solution for businesses, conferences, trade shows, training sessions, presentations, and remote work. We also offer customizable rental options, including preloading specific software or setting up secure network connections, to ensure you have the laptops you need for your specific requirements. Our hassle-free delivery and pickup services mean you can focus on your business or event without worrying about logistics. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with our laptop rental services, available for nationwide next-day shipping!

stack of laptops

The Right Laptop Rental – Right Now.

One-size fits all laptops is not our motto. Quality rentals, fast and easy is! Whether you need 50 business workstation that can handle your day to day, or a dozen gaming laptops with the latest graphics cards and strong core processing and VR ready, we’ve got the right laptop for you and it’s ready to ship right now.

Our laptop computers come pre-installed with the latest essential software and apps you need, and we can also load any specialized or custom software for you–just let us know. All our laptops come in convenient and sturdy boxes that are easy and safe to transport to your venue or office, and super-easy to ship back! Call us and get laptops shipped out same-day nationwide, and delivered today in Los Angeles, CA.

Flexible Daily & Weekly Rentals.

Rent PC Laptops, Apple MacBook Pros, ChromeBooks

Fortune 500 companies and event professionals nationwide use eTech Rentals as their trusted technology expert for laptop rentals because of our fast shipping, knowledge of local venues, experience with National scale events, and our dedication to a 5 star service experience. We have a full line of PC and mac laptops available to rent for corporate meetings, conferences, training, and experiential marketing. Get a quote response within minutes. Rentals can ship out today with 5G hotspots and easy return shipping.

  • User Conferences and Experiential Marketing Events – digital signage, product demonstrations, surveys and polling, and event registrations
  • Training Events – employee onboardings, software trainings, corporate training events, and education testing
  • Special Projects – temporary projects, and projects with special equipment needs
  • Temporary Offices – co-working spaces, business expansions
  • Gaming Conventions and eSports Events – top-tier performance laptops that can take you into battle against even the fiercest competition, as well as performance laptops for your support team



HQ in LA, Nationwide Shipping Same Day

Don’t let technology hold you back when you need it most. Our laptop rental services offer fast and reliable next-day shipping across the country, so you can have the laptops you need when you need them. Whether you’re hosting a business conference, a trade show, or a training session, our laptop rental services are the perfect solution for ensuring everyone has the technology they need to succeed. With the latest models and updated software, you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality laptops that will meet your requirements. Our customizable rental options and competitive pricing make us the go-to choice for businesses and event planners nationwide.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals with our hassle-free laptop rental services available for next-day shipping across the country! We’ve provided laptop rentals for companies across the U.S. from San Francisco, Dallas and Austin, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S. If you need an portable device today or tomorrow, eTech Rentals is everywhere you need us to be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you ship laptops to me?

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and shipping times – one of the fastest in the country. You can expect to receive a response to your quote request within 1 hour, and your laptop rental will ship out next day to your location and securely and conveniently boxed. Each box contains padded and segmented compartments so your laptops arrive in peak condition, and it’s easy to transport and unbox. They also come with a one-sheet setup guide (or get a walkthrough from our support team), and all boxes have return labels preprinted and included in the box making return shipping a breeze.

Why should I rent (and not buy) laptops?

Making the investment of 50 laptops (or more) may seem to make financial sense if you rent them four or more times per year, but that also means taking care of 50 laptops, having the proper tech support on hand, keeping all the software updated and the laptops clean, both inside and out.

When you rent laptops from eTech Rentals, your equipment is fresh… and refreshed. At eTech Rentals, we ensure your laptops are delivered on time, fully charged, and rigorously cleaned.

What types of laptops can I rent from eTech Rentals?

We stock only the latest model laptops for rent, making sure that however you use your laptops (be it a tradeshow or other event) it will be compatible with the technology you need to run large volume event management applications and high-powered graphics software. We specific rent the following types of laptops:

ChromeBooks – are super portable and great for cloud-based programs that need good WiFi connectivity.
MacBook Pros – work for Mac programs that may need more memory or hard drive than an iPad offers. Design or video editing programs are a few areas that Mac tends to take the lead in software.
PC Laptops – are ideal for pc software that may need hard drive space or need memory for heavy data manipulations including non-cloud based software.
Gaming Laptops – are perfect for gaming events and competitions that may need hard drive space or memory for heavy gaming software.

Whatever your need, we work closely with you to help you decide which types of laptop best suits your specific budget and project. Just give us a call at (877) 738-3246 to ask one of our technicians which laptops are the best fit for your next event.

How many laptops can I rent at a time?

We typically handle volume and bulk rentals for trainings, conferences and even gaming events, which means we can rent up to 50 or more laptops shipped next day to your location at a time. Whether you’re planning a small training conference, a larger outdoor event, or a cutting-edge experiential marketing event, our goal is to make your project a success, without you having to worry about technical issues.

eTech Rentals allows you to rent as many laptops as you need for your next corporate event with a minimum order of five laptops.

Unsure of how many laptops you’ll need? Just ask one of our rental experts how many laptops you’ll need to help you achieve your event goals.