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Macbook eTech Rentals

eTech Rentals is a trusted technology expert with a full line of laptop rentals for corporate meetings, conferences, training, and experiential marketing. Our unmatched quote turnaround time, fast shipping, and tech expertise means renting the right laptops and the other technology you need will always be efficient and cost effective.

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Laptop Rentals

When you need a laptop that handles all the spreadsheets, documents and programs for your business event, conference or office needs – renting these 15″ screen laptops will check all the boxes.

Powerful enough to operate virtual reality headsets, this gaming laptop rental has enough memory and processing power to handle the most demanding games on the market.

Incredible screen resolution and the ease of using Mac programs native to MAC OS. This macbook pro laptop rental is lightweight with processing power built specifically for designers and creative projects.

Laptop Rentals for Every Use

One-size fits all laptops is not our motto. Whether you need a basic business workstation that can handle your day to day, or a gaming laptop with the latest graphics cards and strong core processing, we’ve got a laptop to suit your needs. Our laptop computers come pre-installed with the latest essential software and apps you need, and we can also load any specialized or custom software for you–just let us know.

Rent PC Laptops, Apple MacBook Pros, ChromeBooks for:

  • User Conferences and Experiential Marketing Events – digital signage, product demonstrations, surveys and polling, and event registrations
  • Training Events – employee onboardings, software trainings, corporate training events, and education testing
  • Special Projects – temporary projects, and projects with special equipment needs
  • Temporary Offices – co-working spaces, business expansions
  • Gaming Conventions and eSports Events – top-tier performance laptops that can take you into battle against even the fiercest competition, as well as performance laptops for your support team

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I rent (and not buy) laptops for my next corporate event?

Making the investment of 50 laptops (or more) may seem to make financial sense if you rent them four or more times per year, but that also means taking care of 50 laptops, having the proper tech support on hand, keeping all the software updated and the laptops clean, both inside and out.

When you rent laptops from eTech Rentals, your equipment is fresh… and refreshed. At eTech Rentals, we ensure your laptops are delivered on time, fully charged, and rigorously cleaned.

How can renting laptops help my next event run smoother?

Renting laptops from eTech Rentals allows you to focus on business at hand with greater efficiency:

  • Shorter Training Time for Staff. eTech Rentals can help set up all your laptops with the information needed, in a consistent format that is easy to learn and use.
  • Quick, efficient registration. Using laptops for registration allows any team member to access schedules.
  • Easy Updates to Event Info. No need to print updates or send urgent emails that people could miss. Simply update your event app and your team is immediately informed of changes and ready to go.
Why should I rent laptops for event attendees if they already have a laptop or tablet?

Renting laptops from eTech Rentals for your next event is an easy, effective and excellent way to transform your next event or conference with technology. Here are some examples of why you should rent laptops for your attendees:

  • Quick startup time for presentations. At the start of your presentation, everyone will literally be on the same page, connected to Wi-Fi and ready. Time is money, especially at short-term events! By providing laptops, there are no more dead batteries, people looking for their cords, Wi-Fi issues or anyone left out.
  • Complete focus on a single device. Improve audience attention and response (polling, contact forms, etc.), presentations, and interactive product demonstrations that have attendees focused on your screen, and not having pop ups of their text messages and emails.
  • Highlighting videos and ads. You can use an engaging ad, quiz or video that takes viewers to a key page or presentation.
  • Use laptops socially. During breaks, have a mini Twitter wall or an Instagram photo contest to promote interaction.
What types of laptops can I rent through eTech?

eTech Rentals has different types of laptops including:

  • ChromeBooks – are super portable and great for cloud-based programs that need good WiFi connectivity.
  • MacBook Pros – work for Mac programs that may need more memory or hard drive than an iPad offers. Design or video editing programs are a few areas that Mac tends to take the lead in software.
  • PC Laptops – are ideal for pc software that may need hard drive space or need memory for heavy data manipulations including non-cloud based software.
  • Gaming Laptops – are perfect for gaming events and competitions that may need hard drive space or memory for heavy gaming software.

We work closely with you to help you decide which types of laptop best suits your specific budget and project. Just give us a call at (877) 738-3246 to ask one of our eTechnicians which laptops are the best fit for your next event.

How many laptops can I rent through eTech?

We’ll make sure you have all the laptops you need. Whether you’re planning a small training conference, a larger outdoor event, or a cutting-edge experiential marketing event, our goal is to make your project a success, without you having to worry about technical issues.

eTech Rentals allows you to rent as many laptops as you need for your next corporate event with a minimum order of five laptops.

Unsure of how many laptops you’ll need? Just ask one of our rental experts how many laptops you’ll need to help you achieve your event goals.

Why eTech Rentals?

eTech Rentals is a technology solutions company providing, among other things,  laptop rentals to businesses and meeting planners in Los Angeles, California and the nation. In addition to laptop rentals, we provide computers, iPads and tablets, AV and VR rentals to for a wide range of industries.

To make your upcoming events successful-free of technical worries, contact our rental experts, or submit the quick eQuote today — and experience what easy, effective service from eTech Rentals is all about.

How is eTech Rentals operating during the coronavirus pandemic?

eTech is committed to the health, safety, and financial security of our employees, customers and stakeholders. We are a small, employee-owned company and remain open during this time, as an essential business.

We have always offered the newest technology delivered in top condition; current events require us to do more to support the safety of our staff and customers. We ensure all equipment is and will be rigorously cleaned upon return AND prior to delivery to your location. We also offer contact-free delivery options.

To get a custom quote or for more information on contact-free delivery, please contact us at or call 877-738-3246.

Our economy depends on small businesses like yours and ours. Let’s continue to help each other in these uncertain times and set tone for the economy’s growth in the future.