Rent a Wi-Fi Hotspot for Times When You Require a Strong and Reliable Signal.

WiFi Rentals

eTech Rentals provides Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions, including short and longer-term rental technology for businesses, remote employees and event venues in greater the Los Angeles area and beyond. We’re experts in setting up temporary Wi-Fi hotspots for corporate meetings, conferences, experiential marketing events, and more. We can also help businesses set up remote employees and clients with a reliable connection.

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Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental for Events and Conferences

If you’re displaying at a trade show or organizing a conference or business meeting, you cannot afford to get an unreliable wireless signal causing slowdowns and headaches. More than that, you can’t always rely on the venue’s available network to be up to speed…literally. eTech Rentals has an extensive array of wireless equipment in-stock and ready to deliver to you. Our reliable hotspot rental solutions ensure you can provide a fast wireless connection for your event and for everyone attending.

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Give All Devices the Access They Need:

  • Support for laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, photo booths, kiosks, smart TVs and POS machines
  • 5G Wi-Fi hotspot-ready modems and access points

In Business, Strong Connections Make a Difference

  • Show your capabilities – You need a reliable and fast wireless connection for product demonstrations, surveys and polling, and event registrations
  • Moving business along – Slow internet speeds cause long registration lines, frustrations, and is simply bad for business. A connection with fast Wi-Fi delivers smooth employee on-boarding, software training, and training and testing.
  • High-level planning – Take advantage of reliable internet to use the very latest hardware and software technology to tackle strategic planning, and complex projects

Take Events to the Next Level with 5G

As you may now, 5G is here and is taking root across the country and in business—and eTech Hotspot rentals can bring it to you. The first-of-its-kind 5G mobile smart hub gives you an incredible experience, even if you’re not in a 5G zone. A safe and secure 5G mobile hotspot creates a high-speed encrypted network with shared connectivity for up to 20 users.

The Business Advantages of a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot

  • Incredibly faster internet speeds than current technology
  • Quicker uploads and downloads, with no buffering
  • More options to use remarkable 5G-enabled technology

Like all new technology, 5G is not yet available everywhere and the big wireless companies are all approaching this new tech differently. AT&T initially launched 5G in 12 cities in December of 2018; Verizon started with fixed 5G home Internet service in a handful of cities; T-Mobile is planning on full national 5G coverage by 2020. Sprint launched its first four 5G coverage areas in May and June of 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotspots are only a part of what eTech offers you.

eTech Rentals is a technology rental company providing 5G Wi-Fi and 5G Hotspot Rentals to meeting planners and IT professionals in Southern California and beyond. In addition to Wi-Fi hotspot rentals, we can also provide additional laptops, computers, AV and VR equipment and more. When a strong Wi-Fi signal is a must for an event, you can’t simply hope for the best. That’s why we work closely with event planners, IT managers, production coordinators, project managers, and operations directors to supply the technology and expertise to get the job done right.

To rent 5G Wi-Fi and 5G hotspot solutions, contact our rental experts or submit the quick eQuote form today and experience what easy, effective service truly feels like.

How is eTech Rentals handling the Coronavirus?

eTech is committed to the health, safety, and financial security of our employees and our customers. We remain open for business during this time of essential need. (INSERT HOURS)

We have always offered the newest technology delivered in top condition to your business or event. To further support the safety of our staff and customers during these unprecedented times, we have taken extra measures to ensure all our equipment is rigorously sanitized upon return and before it’s shipped to its next location. We also offer contact free delivery options.

To get a custom quote, or for more information on contact-free delivery, please contact us at or call 877-738-3246.

We’re here for you now, and we’ll be here for your business in the future.