Phone Rentals

Get your staff up and running quickly and easily with eTech phone rentals for your short-term project or next mega event.  Our preloaded rental smartphones give you more staff control and allows everyone to stay connected without them having to use their data or phone memory keeping your team focused on your event.  


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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Phone Rentals

Why would I rent phones for my event when everyone already has one?
There are a lot of reasons to rent phones including: 

  • Preloaded Programs and Setup with Wifi (talk to eTech Rentals about additional wifi bandwidth at your next event) – Our fully online phones are preloaded and preprogrammed with everything your staff needs.  
  • Instant Communication (Modern Day Walkie-Talkies). 
  • Some Virtual Reality Events are run from Samsung phones.  
  • Data, Battery and Memory Ready to Go – Your team doesn’t have to worry about using any of their own phones data or memory space, and at the end they simple turn the phones back and don’t need to spend their time deleting everything from their own phone that they’ll never use again.  
  • Restrict use of Team members by replacing their phones during events with rental phones. 
  • Like all eTech Rental products – phones come fully charged, sanitized inside and out. 
What are Some Ways to use Rented Phones at Events?
Rental phones can be used as: 

  • Modern walkie talkies for instant communication amongst the team 
  • Ticket scanner  
  • Audience Response clickers 
  • Linking staff with your preloaded social media pages encouraging posting 
  • Easy information updates and alerts
How many should I rent?
eTech Rentals will work with you on analyzing your needs for technology including the phones’  WiFi and data needs.  
Do the phones come already hooked up to a cellular plan/service?
Yes. That is all taken care of for you so you can decide the event what access you and your team will have will have. 
Why eTech Rentals?
eTech Rentals is a technology rental company providing short or longterm phone rentals for your next session or event. Get your eQuote Today and experience the eTech way. 


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