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In sudden need of a high-volume copier rental or specialty printer rental – such as a micr toner printer?  ETech Rentals has what you need whether it’s short term, such as tax season or production office set up, to longer term printer rental or copier rental.   Let eTech be your tech support for micr toner printers, hi volume printers or duplex copiers. 


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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Printer & Copier Rentals

Should I rent (or buy) a printer?
These machines are expensive and need to be maintained regularly. If you need a high-volume printer on a periodic basis, such as if you are a CPA during tax time, or in a greenlighted pre-production office – these temporary situations could best be served by a rental.  

Also we can get your printers and whatever else you need set up and ready, often in less than 24 hours.

And if the rented printer stops working then eTech Rentals will deliver a replacement printer when we get your call!

Specialty printers that use micr toner for security-checks are expensive and long term are not cost effective for noncheck (printing).  These micr printers assure that your printed business checks meet all the security standards – so renting these machines are often a cost-effective rental for your office over buying one. 

When you own the product, you own the problem. Why not let us worry about the problems for you?

What if your need is not high volume just short term?
If your need is short term such as a seasonal business or entertainment pre-production business officetalk to eTech Rentals about renting Multi Function Printer (MFP). Our multifunction printers are sturdy and are ready to go. We can help you set up an office in 24 hours if that’s what you require.  
Should I outsource printing or rent a printer?
Outsourcing to a place such as Kinko’s can be a great solution if there is finishing needed such as binding, hole punches or laminatingThe drawback to outsourcing is often their turnaround time and surcharges that are involved for less than 24 hour job. 
For example, if you are law office that is going through a trial and you have multiple revisions and last-minute motions you will probably be best served by renting high- volume printerRenting equipment to handle those high volume jobs will assure that security as well as the flexibility of last-minute work is handled.


Do you supply toner?
One of the eXTRAs we do at eTech Rentals is making sure that you start out with toner and with very quick turnaround we are able to get you additional toner at low cost.  Just call us and we will handle it. 
Should I rent (or buy) a high-volume copier?
Copiers are great to rent when your need has highs and lows…seasonal work or temporary offices.  Maintaining copiers can take a lot of your staff time and when you own the copier you own the problem.  
Why eTech Rentals?
eTech Rentals is technology rental company providing printer and copier rentals for high volume, specialty, or short term jobs.  Get your eQuote Today and experience what easy and effective truly feels like, because that’s the eTech way. 


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