Charging Station Rentals

With the increase in devices that need recharging, charging stations are the new water cooler. You know the frustration you feel when you can’t find a place to charge your phone or tablet. With eTech Rental charging stations, you can make it easy and practical for everyone to stay charged while you increase your brand visibility.  


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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Charging Station Rentals

Why rent charging stations?
Did you know that tradeshow booths or conference locations that have a charging station have longer participant engagement times?  Why not have prospective customers watch a product video as their phone charges?  You can also require a business card to use a charger to grow your contact list. All eTech Rental charging tations have advertising opportunities (see below). 
What type of events need charging stations?
Traditional tradeshow booths and registration areas are two traditional places for charging stations, but you can make a hallway a gathering place simply by placing a charging station there.  Think about all the times you have seen a group of people awkwardly gathered around a small space in a wideopen room…guaranteed there’s a working plug that people are using to charge their devices.  Let them gather around a few charging stations and create a branded technology lounge anywhere you like.    
Can I advertise on the charging stations?
Absolutely!  As simple as a logo or a QR code on the top of a charging table, to a video that can run continuously on a lockable charging station – your brand can be prominently displayed on the one thing every event needs more of…chargers. 
What types of charging stations do you have?
Portable super battery (no cords with multidevice charging), charging tables that can be linked to social settings / portable charging stands (sturdy slim stands for tight spaces) that can charge up to 8 devices, or a lockable charging unit that has video display for branding and product videos. 
Why eTech Rentals?
eTech Rentals is Technology Rental Company providing Charging Options for your next event.  Get your eQuote Today and experience what expert, easy and extratruly feels like.  



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