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Apple leads the way with iPads, iMacs, MacBooks or iMacs may be what you need for your next rental office, event, training or conference. Mac Rental ranging from iPads, Macbooks, Mac laptops, from eTechRentals creates cutting edge technology-focused businesses or events.

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Apple Mac Rentals

Why rent Mac/Apple technology?
Mac Rentals (renting Apple Technology) may make sense for your business needs for the following reasons:

Everyone who has an iPhone can more easily transition to Apple iOS systems especially if they are used to Mac laptops / iPads / Mac desktops.

The software needed for the rental is specific to IOS or is high ended video/picture editting.  Macs still rule in this area.

You don’t have licenses for basic software or your needs are varied…Macs come with alot of useful software that is out of the box…with no trial periods or fees. having this advantage over PC Technology.

You need superior graphics and graphic speed…using Apple Technology will deliver.

Should I buy or rent Macs / Apple Technology?
Making the investment of 50 iMacs iPads (or more)  or macbooks may seem to make financial sense if you rent them 4 or more times per year. BUT that means taking care of 50 iMacs/iPads/macbooks, supporting the technology by keeping all the software updated and the iPad/macbook pro clean, both inside and out.  

When you rent from eTech Rentals your equipment is fresh, and refreshed. Check out the eTech Rentals Way that ensures your iPads are delivered on time, fully charged, and sanitized inside and out. 


Should I rent iPads, MacBooks, iMacs or Mac Pros?
This question is difficult to answer without knowing your specific needs.

iPads are very portable and easy for less skilled people to use.  MacBooks are also portable but have the advantage of a keyboard if on-screen typing gets tedious.

iMacs are powerful all-in-one machines that have superior graphics and ease of setup.  Top video editting software comes with these machines and will have your graphics department ready to go.

Mac Pros, more commonly know as “trashcans” are not all-in-ones but the more traditional desktops with separate monitors.  These are also very powerful machines and workhorses for alot of graphic demands.

Ask our eTechnicians for their advice on your rental needs because Apple Technology may work for your rental need but which state-of-the art piece of Apple Technology can take your rentals from “working” to “perfect”. 


What Apple Technology do you rent ?
eTechRentals has different types of Apple Technology including:  

  • iMac 21.5″
  • iMac 27″
  • Mac Pro (trashcan)
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • iPad Air 
  • iPad Pro 
  • iPad Mini 

And don’t worry, we are happy to help you decide what you need to meet your budget.  Just call, text or click, to ask one of our eTechnicians what Apple Technology Rentals are the best fit for your next event. 

Why eTech Rentals?
eTech Rentals is a Technology Rental Company providing Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, iPad Rentals for your event location (let eTech get the apple technology there, charged, clean and ready to use).   Get your eQuote Today and experience what easy, effective service truly feels like.    


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