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Mac Rentals ranging from iPads, Macbooks, Mac laptops, from eTechRentals creates cutting edge technology-focused solutions for events and businesses.

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Case Study – Media Production Company

A well-known international digital production company that regularly produces high-quality websites, games, and films needed a solution to film executive interviews from fortune 100 companies for social media marketing campaigns.

The company required over one thousand pieces of equipment to make 65 identical mobile production kits. With the high volume of technology necessary, the company would have needed a dedicated team member to configure the MacBook Pros and iPhones, deploy the equipment, and organize and store the kits. Additionally, logistics for the 65 kits would need to be managed, including shipment prep, tracking, receiving, and return shipment.

eTech Rentals offered a customizable solution with Mobile Production Kits that ensured quality controlled, identical kits and a seamless process from end-to-end.

eTech Rentals deployed 65 uniform kits to different locations nationally and internationally. To create the custom solution they were looking for, eTech assembled a kit comprising 18 parts. Items included: Mac laptops, the latest iPhones, mics and accessories, lighting and diffusers, multiple tripods, etc. During Covid, each kit needed to be identical since no one could set up the kit except for talent. With 65 identical kits, the client created one step-by-step video tutorial demonstrating the setup.

The result was seamless execution across all 65 Mobile Production Kits. In addition, their client was impressed with how effortless it was for their talent, the executives, and the digital production company to receive, set up, return, and bill each kit.

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A Mac Rental for Events & Business

When it comes to events an conferences or production teams, eTech Rentals is the name you can trust. Our Mac computer and Apple device inventory is extensive, and can be delivered to you or your team’s location with unprecedented same-day rental delivery in Southern California, and next day shipping in the continental U.S. Our expertise coupled with our expedited nationwide deliver means event technology in your hands when and where you need it. Our inventory includes:

  • NEW! Mac Studio
  • iMac 21.5″
  • iMac 24″
  • iMac 27″
  • Mac Pro
  • Macbook Pro
  • iPad / Pro / Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Apple Accessories

Not sure which Apple products you need? No problem! Just fill out our contact quote form for a response within 1 hour or less, or give us a call. Experience what fast, knowledgeable, effective service truly feels like.

Bulk Apple Rentals For Corporate Business.
Flexible Daily & Weekly Rentals.

eTech Rentals can ship Apple laptops and mobile devices and other equipment you may need to each member of your team in multiple locations. So if you’re scheduling remote presenters for a conference or need iPads for a popup event, that’s in our wheelhouse. Our Mac rentals arrive fully charged and pre-loaded with all the apps, logos and software you need to be productive right out of the box, from document sharing and live chat apps for long-term team use, to Apps, and POS purchasing software for short-term events and tradeshows. The possibilities are endless with a Mac rental.

Need bulk quantities of matching models? We can help you and your corporate team with that too!

Top Rated Rental Technology Provider in Los Angeles

The eTech Rentals team has decades of experience helping companies locally here in Southern California, as well as shipping equipment to venues across the U.S. eTech is also an employee owned and operated business, so you can rest easy that you’ll receive excellent service from each and every team member, as well as a technology solution that’s customized to your event or business needs by an industry pro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why rent Mac/Apple technology?

Mac Rentals (or renting any Apple Technology) may make sense for your business needs for the following reasons:

Everyone who has an iPhone can more easily transition to Apple iOS systems especially if they are used to Mac laptops / iPads / Mac desktops.

The software needed for the rental is specific to IOS or is high-end video/picture editing.  Macs still rule in this area.

You don’t have licenses for basic software or your needs are varie. Macs come with a lot of useful software that is out of the box, with no trial periods or fees, a clear advantage over various PC Technology.

If you need superior graphics and graphic speed, using Apple Technology will deliver.

Should I buy or rent Macs / Apple Technology?

Making the investment of 50 iMacs iPads (or more)  or macbooks may seem to make financial sense if you rent them 4 or more times per year. BUT that means taking care of 50 iMacs/iPads/macbooks, supporting the technology by keeping all the software updated and the iPad/macbook pro clean, both inside and out.
When you rent from eTech Rentals your equipment is fresh, and refreshed. Check out the eTech Rentals Way that ensures your iPads are delivered on time, fully charged, and sanitized inside and out.

Why eTech Rentals?

eTech Rentals is a Technology Rental Company providing Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, iPad Rentals for your event location, and in Los Angeles and Southern California your technology rental will arrive same-day! Get your eQuote Today and experience what easy, effective service truly feels like.