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Why rent the Oculus Go?
Prices are dropping for the VR wireless headset Oculus Go.  So why should you rent them for the next event.

Setting up the Wireless VR Headsets for multiple uses and for a large experiential event can be time-consuming.  If you need a number of wireless VR headsets for your next VR event then consider renting these headsets so you know these are set up the way your want, are charged and ready to go for your VR experience.

Check out the eTech Rentals Way that ensures your Oculus Go rental is delivered on time, setup to your specification and ready to use. 

More reasons to Rent the Oculus GO ?
Taking care of multiple VR headsets can be a drain on IT resources as well as committing your company to technology that maybe outdated before you know it. 

Oculus Wireless VR headsets are the next greatest thing when it comes to VR experiences but setting these Virtual reality headsets correctly and in time may be too much for your IT department. 

Also first generation hardware sometimes can be buggy so why commit to buying Oculus Go when you could rent these for your next event – taking them for a test drive and showing your customers a 360 experience without wires.

Why eTech Rentals?
eTech Rentals is a Technology Rental Company offering wireless VR Headsets such as Oculus Go and other VR Equipment as short term or long term rentals.   Rent the latest technology by completing your eQuote Today and experience what easy, expert, extra service truly feels like.    


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