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Recent Case Studies & Articles

Enhancing Commercial Production with Distributed iPhone Kits

A prominent commercial production company based in New York, specializing in creating captivating visual content for various brands and businesses. Client Needs: The client required the latest technology to elevate their commercial production process. They…


Austin Food Festival

In Austin, Texas, a popular food festival needed a solution to handle registration and keep its vendors and 4,000 attendees connected for the Instagram-able moments throughout the event. eTech Rentals provided our eBond solution and…


Zoo Fundraising Event

Recently a fundraising event held at a local Zoo presented a unique challenge for organizers: the event location had extremely limited cell service from any carrier. However, with the goal of providing a seamless experience for attendees…


Production Kits for Media Agency

A well-known international digital production company that regularly produces high-quality websites, games, and films needed a solution to film executive interviews from fortune 100 companies for social media marketing campaigns. The company required over one…


Big Businesses That Use Virtual Reality to Help Their Brand

The use of virtual reality (VR) by marketers is rapidly gaining popularity. It’s a great method for marketers to develop an immersive, digitally focused experience that encourages consumer involvement. We’ve talked extensively about how powerful…


Where to Try Out VR Headsets in Major Cities 

Virtual and augmented reality have taken off majorly in the past few years. It’s estimated to be a nearly $30 billion dollar industry, with that number projected to continue going up in coming years.  Here…


Interactive Activities to Attract Visitors to Trade show Booths

Trade shows can be boring. Sometimes painfully boring. But they are also an extremely effective marketing tactic to reach a targeted audience and make them more aware of your brand. In addition to putting your…

Experiential Marketing

8 Ways to Amaze Attendees With Cutting-Edge Event Technology Tools

Coca Cola FIFA World Cup AR football experience You may have heard the term “experiential marketing” before. This refers to marketing tactics that focus on creating a full, sensory experience for users, rather than a…