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Our VR Rentals:

Connects to your PC, includes adjustable headset features and touch controllers designed for easy and immersive interaction.

This all-in-one VR headset is a standalone unit that’s lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for casual VR viewing, such as movies and light gaming.

No PC, no wires, no limits. This VR headset is also standalone, with enhanced processing power and the ability and memory to run the most demanding VR titles.

This tethered system projects an immersive VR experience, boasting advanced LCD panels that offer reduced distance between pixels for an improved field of view, and the 2880 x 1700 combined pixel resolution and ultra-sharp graphical performance.

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Mobile Gaming Event

The client organized an event to showcase the new game to a group of “gaming influencers.”  The client chose a sheet metal warehouse as the venue to match the combat…
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Oculus Go

VR headsets and other virtual reality equipment are available to rent for your next marketing activation event, in-house training session or competitive eSports/gaming tournament in as little as 24 hours. As your expert technology partner, we can recommend and furnish you with the exact gaming computer or laptop, headset and gaming monitor you need for your next competitive match or VR event. We offer fast and easy shipping to your location nationwide and same day delivery in Los Angeles and So. California.

VR Equipment Rentals for Events, Conferences, and Trade Shows

eTech Rentals has a vast inventory of VR technology rentals in stock and ready to ship. Our VR-Ready Laptops, Headsets and Technology Equipment come pre-installed with the software, apps, and documents that create effective VR activation experiences and presentations. We can also load additional software you require for your event or specific needs. Whether you want to rent VR-ready gaming laptops to create interactive immersive experiences at your trade shows, conventions, and corporate events, or for other uses including product demonstrations, or employee training, we’re here to help!

Rent VR Technology Equipment for:

  • Completely Immersive Gaming – feel as though you’re in the game with full field-of-vision playing experience and no lag, we have equipment that works with laptops/desktops
  • Experiential Marketing Events – product demonstrations that transport your attendees into a world you create to interact with you, your product, and ideas like never before.
  • Training Events – complex training and corporate events, providing education testing for a true kinesthetic learning environment.
  • Special Projects – strategic construction planning, and capital projects where scale, scope, and details can be communicated in a persuasive VR experience.

HQ in LA, Nationwide Shipping Same Day

Headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, CA eTech Rentals has provided equipment rentals for companies across the U.S. from San Francisco, Dallas and Austin, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S. If you need an portable device today or tomorrow, eTech Rentals is everywhere you need us to be!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Virtual Reality (VR) help my brand or messaging?

Virtual reality allows you to bring your brand or product to life in a way that no other technology can. It doesn’t matter what field your business is in, from education to medicine to the newest software, VR gives your prospective customers the opportunity to become fully immersed in your brand in a completely new way. VR makes your brand and messaging bigger and so much more memorable than a powerpoint or brochure.
VR allows you to mix live action with computer graphics or animation for a wholly unique and memorable event, while simple things like video conferencing can be taken to a whole new level.

Can you give me some ideas on how I can use Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance my next event?

Yes! Here are just a few ideas on how to use Virtual Reality at your next event, but really, there is no limit to how this could be used to boost your brand, product, or message.

3D Infographic with Popups – Use VR and reinvigorate how your audience experiences your videos and content (goodbye PowerPoints). Think VR 3D infographic with popups.

“Try” your product Virtually – VR allows someone to do virtually anything and be anywhere, so rather than droning on about the benefits of your xyz gizmo, let them “feel” them how great those hiking boots are as they “hike” up a mountain trail on the other side of the world or let the users experience your brand in a way they couldn’t in real life – a well-known soft cheese supplier used VR to take users inside a household refrigerator full of yummy food.

Nothing beats Virtual Reality for Immersive Entertainment – From gaming or “driving” that new car, to checking out your new hotel on the other side of the country, the possibilities to grab the users’ attention and make your brand memorable are endless. Just start with traditional 360 degree views and the ideas can grow from there.

Virtual Reality can make people feel deeper than just pictures on walls – Hosting an event that is designed to increase donations? Bring a human story to life or let them experience walking through a city after a devastating event to help them understand the gravity of the situation.

Bring Gaming into Learning – Train on new (or current products) can be boring and often un-inspires sales people instead of invigorating them.

Can’t think how to create a Brand Experience – Change the Environment – stuck in the back corner of a conference center right by the bathrooms or at the back of the room with a keynote speaker, outside by the alley? No worries – create a spa-like VR environment that gives attendees an experience that they will connect with your brand.

What virtual reality equipment do you have?

We provide all the equipment you’ll need to offer your event goers an immersive VR experience that supports your event goals and highlights your message. Our expertise in creating Virtual Reality Events has led us to these cutting-edge technology that we can help you create the VR Experience your Brand needs.

– HTC Vive System
– Oculus Rift S
– Oculus Go
– Oculus Quest

What is the difference between VR and augmented reality?

This is a common point of confusion but easily clarified. Augmented reality (think the mobile game Pokemon Go), overlays something onto the real world. Virtual reality, on the other hand, creates an entirely new world in which the user is immersed.