The Pros and Cons of Satellite Internet Rentals

2023: Events are bigger than ever. We love seeing these hosted across the nation and in unique spots. No matter the event or where it’s at, high-speed internet is going to be key. Whether you are at a baseball stadium, at a music festival, or in the city on a rooftop – renting satellite internet can ensure the enjoyment of all guests!

Outdoor event with internet rental

Many unique events, activities, and remote shoots require robust high-speed internet connectivity in order to meet the needs of organizers and participants, and the current terrestrial infrastructure is not up to the rapidly expanding needs.

High-speed data has typically been transferred via cables, fibers or wires. With 5G, mobile networks have significantly increased their bandwidth but cannot compete with “hard-wired” installations. They have both been severely limited by their inability to reach low-population areas effectively.

Now event planners, trade show managers, film and television producers are pushing the boundaries of connectivity in their search for new and engaging site locations. An event cannot be supported with two bars on a 4G network, nor will a DSL line far from the telephone substation provide enough bandwidth for multiple mobile phones, tablets and video displays operating simultaneously.

Enter Satellite Internet

A rental satellite internet installation is the ideal solution for remote event locations and areas with underdeveloped telecommunications infrastructure because there are no cable systems or telephone lines required with satellite internet — only a clear view of the sky. 

You’ve likely already used satellite internet if you’ve accessed WiFi during a flight on American Airlines or Delta flights, or even on a Windstar Cruise. The same technology that delivers WiFi to your aircraft can provide fast, reliable internet to your remote event or site.

Earthlink - how satellite internet works

A traditional satellite internet connection has three main components. First is a geostationary satellite that is positioned about 22,000 miles above the Earth’s equator. Transmitting and receiving signals to the orbiting satellite is a dish. Finally, a WiFi modem broadcasts the internet connection from the dish to your devices, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops. 

Limitations to traditional satellite internet connections include limited coverage areas and signal latency of up to 600 ms due to the high Earth orbit of the satellite. This delay makes it nearly impossible to support streaming, online gaming, video calls or other high data rate activities that are a part of your event. 

Advantages of Satellite Internet

Our systems provide high-speed, low-latency broadband internet to remote and rural locations across most of the United States. Our difference is that our network consists of thousands of low Earth-orbiting satellites that make connections more accessible and, in more places, faster – up to 350 Mbps and a significant reduction in latency.

Satellite internet can provide connectivity solutions to a variety of events where bandwidth is limited: outdoor festivals, food fairs, wine-tastings, hybrid and virtual reality events, and media launches. Here is a handy guide to help determine how much wifi your event needs. In addition, satellite internet can support you with event registration access and connectivity to your payment solutions. 

A growing application for eTech satellite internet rentals is remote television and motion picture production locations. As it’s become logistically easier to film in remote parts of the country, eTech satellite internet rentals supports these far-flung productions with fast, reliable internet for up to 20 users.

Connecting your satellite internet rental is already easy. Still, we make it even more convenient by providing an iPad Mini preinstalled with the application you need to activate the Internet, meaning no unnecessary downloading to your cell phone or tablet. The whole setup process takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

The Limitations of Satellite

Satellite internet rental needs a clear view of the sky to stay connected with satellites as they move overhead. Objects obstructing the connection between your dish and the satellite, such as a tree branch, pole, or roof, will cause service interruptions. Further, service may be interrupted or limited due to weather, terrain, customer equipment, or network limitations.

There are even apps for iOS and Android that allow you to check for obstructions and find the install location that will deliver the best service. 

The limitations listed are rare but can occur. In these cases, your event will need an onsite technician to set up, monitor and troubleshoot all connectivity issues. Large-scale events or difficult locations (such as outside, concrete spaces or multi-room complexes) may require the greater expertise our technicians can provide.

What Can I Expect When Renting a Satellite Internet for an Event?

Suppose you’re displaying at a trade show or organizing a conference or business meeting. In that case, you cannot afford to work with an unreliable or low-bandwidth wireless signal through the venue, which can cause slowdowns, complaints and headaches. In this situation, renting a more traditional hotspot, bonded internet solution or wireless array is probably going to be your best bet – and we offer an extensive array of wireless equipment ready to deliver to your site, with reliable event WiFi solutions that ensure a fast wireless connection for your event and everyone attending.

But lets say you’re planning an outdoor event like a food festival or concert, or need to support a production team in remote locations. In this case, a short or long-term satellite internet rental ensures you’re always connected.

We’re experts in setting up temporary Internet solutions in challenging off-site locations for remote filming locations and business events in wide-open spaces or even national parks. Whatever your site or need, our Satellite Internet solution connects your team or attendees to the Internet in previously inaccessible areas.

The setup is easy. We provide all our Satellite Internet customers with a complementary iPad Mini rental for convenience. The pocket-sized iPad Mini assists you in a seamless setup of your Satellite Internet and comes pre-loaded with the application needed to activate the Internet. If you have any questions, our team is just a call away!

About eTech Rentals:

eTech Rentals maintains the latest network equipment, offering greater capabilities over consumer network gear. Our mission is to keep your team, tour, or event connected and working at all times. Plug-and-play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access to our support team make our system the choice for remote and nearby events. 

eTech rentals are a trusted source for high-speed and secure satellite internet solutions for every location shoot, live event or outdoor festival. No matter the event’s scale or size, we can fully configure, install and integrate the most efficient satellite internet solutions. 

And to support your event or activity, eTech also rents iPad, Surface Pro and other tablets, monitors and displays, laptops and PCs, office equipment, and AV and VR technologies, providing a one-stop solution for your tech rental needs. 

To make your upcoming events successful and free of technical worries, contact our rental experts, or submit the quick eQuote today — and experience what easy, effective service from eTech Rentals is all about.

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