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Are you involved in a video project and need a solution that is easy to set-up and can help you create compelling content? It’s time to consider renting an iPhone filmmaking kit for your project. Our kits include the latest iPhone Pro Max plus an array of video accessories available to customize your kit from audio, lighting, tripod, and software. Make your iPhone video kit second to none.

  • Shayla C. Avatar
    Shayla C.

    worked with eTech to rent an iPhone for a shoot recently, and the process was easy and seamless! Milko was a great help and even worked with my team when we had to adjust our pick up time. would def recommend their services!

  • Paul B. Avatar
    Paul B.

    We rented and shipped across the country 9 iPhone self interview kits. This is a process that was new to us, so we were a little nervous about it all working. eThech was great, responsive and the prices were reasonable and I have a very happy client. We'll definitely use eTech again.

  • Andy C. Avatar
    Andy C.

    eTech Rentals was a pleasure to work with. I needed equipment to do virtual filming. They had the forethought to procure all the proper equipment needed for at home filming, from panel lighting to iPhones, Ring lights, etc. taking the guess work out of what equipment might be needed. They helped us ship multiple kits across the country and even proactively input tracking numbers with hyperlinks into a shared google doc, making my job easier to share information. Their prices were super and payment was easy. Working with eTech Rentals was an exceptional experience. They took the time to hear our needs and deliver!

  • amfAR Avatar

    eTech was the iPhone rental and equipment partner for a complex project our organization undertook over the summer. It involved individual iPhone video shoots by Broadway actors working in isolation across time zones and continents, all under a tight timeframe. eTech played an important part in the project’s success. They provided tech support at all hours and responded to our numerous requests and calls for help without delay and without fuss. They even went out of their way to acquire equipment we needed but they didn’t have on hand, and coordinated shipments to multiple destinations here in the U.S. and in Europe. Nothing was too much trouble; they were a pleasure to work with.

  • Carly G. Avatar
    Carly G.

    Worked with Milko to rent an iPhone 11 for a shoot. Very satisfied with the customer service I received. Email communications regarding the rental were quick and efficient, something I really appreciate as a busy producer under deadlines. Being able to have the iPhone delivered to the shoot location at a very reasonable rate was a godsend. I would definitely rent from eTech again.

  • Lily I. Avatar
    Lily I.

    Wonderful experience. Needed a last minute iPhone rental and it was not only quick, easy and efficient but the pricing wasn't bad at all. If you are looking for a local iPhone rental company definitely give them a call.

  • Angie A. Avatar
    Angie A.

    Excellent customer service, quick reply. I needed an Iphone 11 Pro and they had several in stock at reasonable weekly rates. Very helpful would rent from them again.

  • Joy H. Avatar
    Joy H.

    This company is EVERYTHING! Our company got the Verizon Iphone 11 Pro Max and it worked in the worst of areas. We were in the deep Malibu hills and still the phone worked. One of my partners said the phone worked better than the phone I used for my regular day to day use. "It sounds super clear," is what he told me.

    Milko F. was even more gracious & displayed the most professional customer service I've seen in a while. He made it possible for me to do drop-off of the phone that worked with both of our schedules, as I do work often and with a hectic day.

    I will be going back to eTech Rentals everytime.

  • David S. Avatar
    David S.

    We came to eTech for iPhone rentals. In discussing our use (remote cameras), they suggested a kit, with a mic light and tripod, which was welcome advice. Delivery and was somewhat complicated; they easily took care of that. All in all, we were very satisfied with their pricing, service, flexibility, and expertise. We will be back, next time we need another rental.

  • Cambria O. Avatar
    Cambria O.

    I needed an iPhone 11 Pro asap. eTech Rentals set me up fast with excellent service and communication. Everything about this experience was professional AND pleasant! I would rent from eTech again and again. Thank you! Susie Y.

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Rent iPhone Filmmaking Kit

It is easy to create professionally-produced content for commercial production, broadcast or live streaming when you rent a customized iPhone camera rig that suits your filming needs. We have pre-configured bundles with guaranteed device-compatibility so when it’s time to shoot, you won’t have anything to worry about.

eTech Rentals can also put together a customized kit that is perfectly suited to your needs. First, it starts with an iPhone 11 Pro Max rental that gives you the ability to record video simultaneously in 4K, then you can select the specific Audio, Lighting and Tripod you need for your project:

Audio Options

  • Wired Lav
  • Small Boom Microphone
  • Directional Video Microphone
  • F1 Field Recorder
Lighting Options

  • Ring Light with Stand
  • Video Lighting Kit
Tripod Options

  • Tabletop & Desktop
  • Standard (Full-Size)

An easy-to-set up iPhone video rig gives content creators, commercial and audition producers, broadcast and agency professionals the right tools to get the job done. Not sure exactly what you need? Request a quote, or call us today and we can customize a video kit for you!

Audio Rentals for iPhone Rig

With mobile video production increasing, there is a growing demand for iPhone filming accessories especially microphones. When you need a more professional sound recording quality than what is available on your phone’s built-in microphone, eTech Rentals has audio rentals for iPhone that meet your video production demands. Check out our audio products available to rent:

The professional lavalier microphone rental offers clear sound recording quality and zero noise, and is specifically designed for filming, streaming, interviews, live broadcasting and more. The omnidirectional mic captures sound from all directions with no leaks to produce crystal clear sound and optimal voice reproduction.

The compact boom video microphone from Movo is durable and lightweight with a shock mount that reduces handling and vibration noise. The small shotgun mic is designed to improve sound quality when recording corporate videos, streaming, live broadcasts, commercial ads or audition tapes. With its cardioid polar pattern, the mic minimizes background noises for clear audio.

The high-quality directional microphone with Lightning connector helps capture better audio for iPhone and iPad videos. The microphone’s cardioid polar pattern provides clarity of sound by eliminating background noise and focusing on the subject directly in front of the mic, making it ideal for mobile filmmakers, storytellers shooting on an iPhone or commercial producers.

The F1 Field Recorder with Lavalier Mic by Zoom provides outstanding audio no matter where video production takes you. The 2-track portable field recorder with auto-level control provides distortion-free 24-bit audio which is ideal for your iPhone rig. Rent the F1 on-camera mic and capture clear, crisp audio for your video shoot, broadcast or streaming project.

Lighting Rentals

When you need to cast an even light onto your subject, renting a ring light is the perfect lighting tool in an iPhone video kit. Ring lights help reduce shadows in the face while highlighting the eyes for a more multi-dimensional, engaging look. In addition, the gooseneck soft tube stand is strong but flexible so you can twist and bend it to get the angles you want for your video shoot.

The studio lighting kit by GVM is equipped with mobile app control function that can be controlled by your iPhone. In addition, the variable bi-color range from 2300K-6800K gives you more color temperature selection, and the adjustable bracket white diffuser can enhance the complexion of portrait photography and soft light.

Tripod Rentals

The versatile, flexible tripod by Joby allows you to securely mount an iPhone to any surface. The tripod features a 360° panning bed, 90° tilt and bubble level for optimal position control, and is light enough to carry everywhere.

The full-size tripod is an essential iPhone video accessory. It is lightweight with adjustable-height legs and rubber feet. The leg locks on the tripod release smoothly and glide easily to your desired height. Set-up is quick and easy.

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Wired Lavalier Mic Rode Directional Small Boom Mic Field Recorder Ring light with stand