Is Satellite Internet Reliable Enough for Your Events? 

The logistics of planning an event in a remote area, such as a music festival in the woods, can be quite complicated. Arranging shuttles and transportation for attendees, securing licenses, setting up stages, providing power, and more is a huge undertaking. 

To add to that list, finding a way to provide internet service in a remote area can be one of the biggest headaches of all. While WiFi may be taken for granted these days, especially in metropolitan areas of the country, the reality is a standard fiber/cable-based broadband internet connection isn’t available everywhere. This is because of the distance the internet service provider would have to send the signal from its location to the remote location where the modem would be. 

So that begs the question, what option is there to provide internet at a remote event? And the solution that many turn to, both those who live in rural areas and those planning events in rural areas, is satellite internet. 

If you aren’t familiar with satellite internet, don’t worry this article has you covered. We will take a look at what satellite internet is, its features, and answer the most important question of whether or not it can be depended on for your event. 

What is Satellite Internet? 

In essence, satellite internet is wireless internet that is transmitted from satellites that are in orbit around the planet.

According to CNET, it is the only type of broadband connection that is now accessible to folks who live in distant areas throughout all 50 states. Internet speed is inferior to that of fiber or cable connections. However, in situations where dependable internet connectivity is difficult to come by, satellite broadband can be quite valuable.

Three satellite dishes are used for satellite internet: one in orbit, one on the property, and one at the provider’s central hub. Additionally, a modem and wires to link the satellite and modem are required.

It works similarly to Satellite TV. Satellites are launched into orbit by an internet service provider. The service provider then uses a satellite on the ground to transfer the signal to an orbiting satellite, which ultimately delivers the signal to a receiving dish to be picked up. The receiver is placed at the event. You’ll connect a modem to the dish in order to transform the receiving signal into a functional internet connection.

eTech Satellite Internet Rental Features 

  • Broadband internet with a high speed and low latency in outlying and rural areas of the U.S.
  • High speeds and, in most places, latency as little as 20 ms enables high data rate activities such as video calls, internet gaming, streaming, and others
  • Satellite Internet WiFi router/power supply, cables, and base are all included in the rental.
  • Size: 50 x 30 cm (19′′ × 12′′).
  • Weight: 4.2 kg (with cable) (9.2 lbs)
  • Operating range: -22 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rated for outdoor use
  • Connects only with a clean sky view

Is it reliable enough for events? 

In short, yes! Satellite Internet rentals are the ideal choice for outdoor events or production teams working in remote areas. For difficult off-site areas such as national parks, open fields, and business events, satellite internet can be the only option. The service links your staff or attendees to the Internet in previously unreachable locations, regardless of your location or needs.

The satellite internet device that eTech offers for rental, provides unrestricted internet access at 50–200 Mbps rates, while users may occasionally encounter lesser speeds owing to network problems. However,  weather, topography, customer equipment, or network restrictions may cause service to be stopped or curtailed.

What type of events can it be used for? 

  • Business events, auctions, and fund-raising activities – Multiple devices operating at once? We have your back!
  • Hybrid and virtual conferences – Maintain the same reliable internet connection at the main event location and for the speakers.
  • Outdoor Events & Festivals – We ensure that your event’s purchase and attendee device connectivity will go without a hitch. This includes music festivals, food and wine events, and big, remote outdoor places that need coverage.
  • Remote filming – An off grid solution. maintains your team’s internet connection so that it can schedule tasks, maintain communication, and transmit data even from remote and diverse locations. Ideal for documentary filming, remote film and television set production, and location scouting. It follows you everywhere.

Let us help! 

Although eTech provides a wide range of internet options, including hotspots, wireless arrays, and bonded internet, satellite internet is the only one that can actually go almost everywhere. The hardware is delivered fully assembled and ready to use the same day it ships out. In order to make connection as simple as possible, we also include a complimentary iPad Mini with your rental of satellite equipment. This device already has the applications required to connect out of the box.

In order to ensure that you never have to worry about connectivity, our professionals are competent in assisting you in determining just how many devices you need for your location, team size, and event kind. Call us or submit a quote form right now to talk about your remote internet location.

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