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Ensuring Seamless Internet and WiFi Connectivity at SoCal Gas Training Facility

Introduction: An event production company approached eTech to provide robust internet and WiFi services for an event hosted at the SoCal Gas Training Facility. The primary use of the internet was to support a live…


Seamless WiFi Deployment for the Expo Hall Event

Overview: The Expo Hall, a prominent event venue, sought eTech’s expertise to provide comprehensive WiFi services spanning both the first and second floors of the hall. The client’s requirement was to establish reliable internet connectivity…


Providing Seamless WiFi Connectivity for DreamForce Event

San Francisco hosts some of the most significant tech events, and DreamForce is one of the largest among them, spanning the entire Moscone Center and various restaurants in the city. The challenge for DreamForce was…


Seamless Internet and WiFi Services for LA Superior Court Meeting

The LA Superior Court was convening a crucial meeting at a popular venue in Los Angeles and required reliable WiFi connectivity. eTech was entrusted with the responsibility of providing uninterrupted internet services to support the…


Concerts + Festivals: Top Rental Technology to Keep Your Vendors and Guests Happy

When it comes to providing an unforgettably-great guest experience at a concert or festival, event planners know all too well that the performance is only one part of the equation. Seeing talented musicians and performers…


Top 5 Things To Do if You’re Going to a Trade Show 

For event marketers and seasoned business owners, it’s no secret how impactful trade shows can be for a business. They are often used for product launch announcements, lead capture, demand generation, networking, general brand awareness,…


Interactive Activities to Attract Visitors to Trade show Booths

Trade shows can be boring. Sometimes painfully boring. But they are also an extremely effective marketing tactic to reach a targeted audience and make them more aware of your brand. In addition to putting your…

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How Charging Stations Can Attract Visitors to Your Booth

“How are we going to get people to come to our booth?” As an event planner or event marketer, it’s a question you’ve likely asked yourself a million times and also been asked by your…