Why You Should Rent Charging Stations for Your Event

If you’re getting ready to host an in-person or hybrid event, you’re of course going to want to include top-of-the-line technology and strong internet connectivity. But there’s another element that it’s important to remember for longer events, conferences, and tradeshows: a charging station

In fact, charging stations can be quite beneficial for events. They’re logistically helpful and allow participants’ devices to stay fully charged, but they also offer some lesser-known advantages. From unique sponsorship opportunities to increased engagement, here are the reasons we recommend providing charging stations for your event attendees.

Standing charging station

Charing stations are ideal for branding and signage.

First, charging stations are an ideal way to display event branding. Including a logo or a QR code to scan that includes event information, schedules, or links to the event app is a simple and effective way to brand your event. It’s a prime opportunity to show a clear attention to detail, and it offers a way to take advantage of branding the space you have available to you. 

Charging tables can be used to monetize sponsorships, as well. Event planners could have sponsors “host” a charging table and then brand that table with their logo or with product videos or photos. At trade shows, charging stations could serve as the table upon which companies demonstrate their products and services. 

It’s a win-win opportunity, as it allows sponsors to show off their products or services and virtually guarantees that participants will see that information since they’re there waiting on their devices to charge. Plus, it provides “entertainment” for attendees as they wait. 

Varying charging station sizes and types means that there are all sorts of branding and advertising opportunities. From simple logos and QR codes on top of the table to full loop videos running on a lockable charging station, there are options for every event type and budget.

tmobile branded charging station
Image: TMobile

Charging stations offer a “natural” way to network. 

If your event, trade show, or conference is set to last for more than a couple of hours, it’s likely that almost all your participants will need to recharge a device at some point. This means that just about everyone will utilize the charging stations provided. Why not take advantage of this as an ideal time to encourage networking? 

Most participants that are attending an in-person event are interested in networking and growing their professional circles or learning from other professionals in the industry. Setting up charging stations means they’re likely to do that sort of networking while they’re at the event itself, increasing overall engagement (and enjoyment!). 

While they’re networking, event planners could challenge different “teams” to participate in challenges like posting about the conference to social media accounts, completing a task in the event app, taking a short survey, or providing feedback about the event. Planners can then use that real-time feedback and data to adjust the event accordingly. This “break” in the event or conference can allow event planners to make the content even more well-suited to the attendees.

technology lounge station at sxsw austin
Photo: SXSW

Charging stations offer a break for attendees.

Use a charging station to have your participants — and their devices — “reboot and recharge.” You might set up a station that feels relaxing and allows people to “unplug” while their devices are plugged in. This could include drinks and snacks as well as some comfortable seating. Like we mentioned above, participants are more likely to linger and network if the environment is welcoming and includes thoughtful details like these. Plus, this is a creative way to encourage attendees to take breaks — and keep them from leaving or becoming otherwise disengaged. 

Charging stations increase engagement.

Studies have shown that simply having a charging station at your event may increase attendee engagement by roughly 17%. This, in and of itself, likely makes them worth the investment. They offer a service that everyone needs — device charging — and participants take advantage. 

Since you can use these stations to show demonstrations, live stream the conference or event, or add QR codes for “fun” extras like surveys, they offer the prime place to give attendees something to do (that is still event-centric) while their devices charge. 

using a qr code to pull up a food menu
Photo: Stefanie Loos (Getty Images)

Charging stations are multi-functional. 

Use charging stations as tables for group discussions or small group networking. Use them as a place to enjoy refreshments during breaks. Use them as welcome tables for event or conference registration upon entry. In short, the larger charging station options provide another helpful and multi-functional piece of furniture for your event. With the addition of the charging functionality, they’re technology/furniture hybrid — and a smart piece of equipment to integrate into your event.   

Charging stations show your attention to detail.

Practically speaking, if you know you’ll have a much larger number of attendees than available wall outlets, charging stations are the answer. Event attendees have come to expect the ability to charge devices, since they’re the primary way in which we communicate, participate, and record notes. Make your participants feel cared for by including a charging station (or a few) at your event.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of ensuring that your event has great Wi-Fi connectivity, powerful devices for each participant, and an engaging speaker or lineup, you’ll want to be sure that your events can actually use and enjoy the available technology. It seems simple, but adding charging tables to your tech lineup is key. 

etech charging stations

At eTech Rentals, we’ve got various charging station options available. From lightweight, portable options that are ideal for small events to large glass-top tables that can charge up to nine smart phones, there’s something for events and conferences of every size. The branding options are virtually unlimited — reach out to our team today for guidance on the best charging station for your specific event. 

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