Why WiFi and 5G are Important for Your Product Launch Event

After months or even years of research and development, testing, trial-runs, pre-releases, customer feedback, and more – you’re finally ready for your big product launch event. While it’s exciting to reach this point after so much time and effort, there is still a lot of work ahead. Ensuring you have proper wifi for your product launch needs to be at the top of your list.

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Due to the investment from both a financial and employee hours perspective that your company has put into the product, you want to ensure that the product launch event is a huge success that generates brand awareness and buzz. This type of experiential marketing can be wildly successful in growing demand and sales for your product, but if your event is a bust it can have the opposite effect. 

Whether planning a massive Apple-style product launch event, or something like an exclusive cocktail party, having access to a reliable WiFi connection is a key cog in running a smooth event. And it becomes even more important if you are also live streaming your event. In this blog, we will review some of the ways reliable internet is needed for product launch events, and how you can make sure your event has it. 

Live Streamed Virtual Product Announcements 

Especially during Covid times, virtual events have taken off, including virtual product announcements. Even if your event has an in-person portion to it, it’s probably a smart idea to livestream the big reveal to make sure you are reaching a global audience and those who might not feel comfortable being in-person. 

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Live streams can require a large amount of bandwidth though, depending on what type of media is being broadcasted, the amount of people tuning in, and more. The last thing you want to happen is a lagging or slow stream that causes virtual attendees to drop off. This can leave a bad taste in their mouth regarding your company and product. Here’s an article that can help you determine just how much bandwidth is needed at your event. 

Onsite Product Demos

For companies that are launching products that may require onsite client demos, such as a new software product, having a steady internet connection is vital. If the demo has video elements or requires any type of data transfer, the bandwidth demands are even higher. 

If the demo won’t load properly or is running very slowly, potential clients may assume it’s the fault of the product, not the internet connection, and immediately have doubts on the quality. This risk is amplified by the fact that it is a new product, and people are used to new technology often having bugs. 

To avoid this risk, you want to ensure your event is getting the bandwidth needed for your product to run at full capacity. This gives your team the greatest chance of wow-ing potential clients and seeing instant sales opportunities in your pipeline to help you start recouping the investment you’ve made in your product. 

Social Media Buzz

If you’ve gone through the process of planning a big event, it’s in your best interest to get as much awareness of your new product as possible. One really powerful way to get additional awareness, outside of those who actually attend your event, is attendees sharing photos, videos, and live streams at your event to their personal social networks. A great way to encourage this is by providing branded signage, a professional photographer, and immersive activities. 

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However, as we all well know, in crowded places it’s often difficult to get good enough cell service to upload content, especially videos. The last thing you want to happen is for attendees to try uploading content of your event, but not having the internet needed and then forgetting. If people can successfully upload posts instantaneously using the WiFi you provide, they are less likely to decide to post it later when they have better service and ultimately forget to do so.

How To Set Up Quality WiFi

Now that we’ve established just how important having quality WiFi is for your product launch event to ensure you get the buzz and marketing return needed, here’s how to ensure your event is getting the bandwidth needed. 

Your first step should be to determine how much WiFi is needed for your event. Once you know your needs, you can decide how to proceed. 

While many venues may offer WiFi as a part of the rental package, there can be many downfalls. Sometimes the bandwidth needs of the event are too much for the provided WiFi, and in venues like hotels, the provided WiFi is also shared with hotel guests, further reducing the bandwidth your event will have access to. 

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Because of this, a safer bet is turning to a third-party like eTech Rentals that provides high-quality event WiFi with enterprise-grade 5G hotspots. We always work alongside our customers to help set up the connections and are always on call should any issues arise. 

Even if you think the WiFi provided at a venue is sufficient, it can’t hurt to have a hotspot readily available for backup. The cost of providing a high-quality internet connection at your product launch event will be substantially cheaper than the potential lost sales if your event goes poorly due to connectivity issues. 

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