Why Renting 5G-Ready Devices and Hotspots Will Be Crucial for 2021’s Digital-Only Events

We’ve written before about how difficult it can be to maintain engagement when you’re hosting a virtual or hybrid event. Remote audiences are open to all kinds of distractions, and it can be hard to maintain their attention if the virtual event is less than engaging. We detailed ways counteract this here with ideas like VR technology, polling and survey software integration, and more. Today, however, we’re diving into perhaps the most basic aspect of a successful online event — but the one that’s also arguably the most crucial: reliable WiFi,  specifically how renting 5G WiFi can improve your virtual event.

When Will 5G Internet Become the New Standard?

5G is the latest mobile broadband connection that is set to eventually replace 4G LTE. While many areas currently have 5G connectivity readily available, the technology is still being built out by the three major providers. It’s said to be available in most major cities at this point, but the truth of the matter is that it’s a little more complicated than opening your phone and instantly connecting.   

5G is so new that it can’t be accessed by older cell phone models. Instead, users must connect with a 5G-ready device, like the iPhone 12. Add to that the fact that it takes time to build this technology due to tapping into Sub-6 and mmWave radio frequencies that we discuss here. In short, reliable 5G internet in many places remains iffy at best and unreliable at worst.

For now, however, it’s possible to rent a 5G WiFi hotspot — and the accompanying devices to take advantage of it with — for a virtual event if your location doesn’t have 5G readily available. Doing so can provide many advantages for your online event.   

Advantages of 5G WiFi and Its Evolution

5G WiFi offers internet connectivity that’s just, well, better. With increased speed, improved latency, and better capacity, it can make a tangible difference in user experience. Whether you’re working on a large virtual event, hosting an online onboarding or training session, or having a hybrid meeting, solid connectivity is of the utmost importance. When you’re working to keep virtual event attendees engaged, these details are more important than ever.

  • 5G offers Increased speed. Perhaps the most hailed improvement of 5G over 4G LTE is its much-improved speed capability. 5G provides an incredibly fast speed at “at least 10 times faster than 4G LTE,” according to CNN.  
  • 5G provides lower latency. Latency, or the time between making a command on your device and having that command happen, is basically nonexistent with 5G. Users experience almost no delay when utilizing 5G WiFi and a compatible device.
  • 5G offers improved bandwidth. Bandwidth is important, especially for virtual events where a few devices may be tapped into the event’s WiFi connection. Our 5G WiFi hotspot device can handle up to 20 devices, making it ideal for virtual events or presentations.

The combination of these advancements make 5G WiFi ideal for industries across the board, including the events industry. And for online events especially, better internet means increased engagement and a more successful event or presentation.

Increased Online Event Engagement with 5G WiFi

vive 5g VR event presentation
  • 5G’s faster speeds make your event flow smoothly.

If you’ve ever experienced a major (or minor, for that matter) lag time while attending an online meeting or event, you know how maddening a slow connection can be. It’s distracting when someone’s speaking voice doesn’t match up with the audio you hear. It’s frustrating to listen to something with a delay or watch while buffering occurs. In those moments, as an audience member, you’re likely to check your email or become otherwise occupied. As an events planner, this is exactly what you don’t want.  

Instead, ensuring that your event, presentation, or training is transmitted via the highest quality WiFi available makes it least likely to have issues with connectivity that result in boredom or disengagement. By making sure that you’re tapped into fast, reliable, secure WiFi, your event is more likely to be watched and participated in by your audience.

  • 5G’s capabilities make software like VR run more smoothly.

If you’re hosting an online or hybrid event, it’s important to use active learning techniques whenever possible. Since event participants learn more effectively through active, rather than passive, methods, we recommend thinking outside the box for online events, even though this can prove difficult. Luckily, with software options like VR software and interactive polling, virtual events can still be fun and feel “real.” However, the more “extras” you add to your internet load, the slower it may become. We’ve all been in a situation where a link takes a long time to open or a cool application just won’t load. It’s frustrating and can even feel unprofessional. This may be avoided with 5G. 5G’s strength and speed ensure that integrating other pieces of software or devices won’t slow it down.

  • Live streaming works more smoothly with 5G.

Live streaming is the name of the game for virtual events. To maintain engagement, you’ll want to have live, interactive presentations, which again rely on solid internet. Since live streaming takes a lot of power, it can put a strain on traditional WiFi. Avoid buffering, lags, and other technical difficulties by employing 5G WiFi.

  • 5G hotspots provide security.

Our rentable 5G hotspots are encrypted. This means you don’t have to worry about security when you’re hosting your event or presentation. The benefits are twofold: unverified users can put a strain on bandwidth, so ensuring that no one can join your WiFi without permission is ideal. It’s also helpful, of course, to know that your company’s presentation, onboarding, or event materials are safe and protected.

While we wait for 5G connectivity to become the norm in cities and towns across the country, your company can enjoy the numerous benefits that 5G offers through rentable 5G hotspots. At eTech, we think that they make all the difference.

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