Where to Try Out VR Headsets in Major Cities 

Virtual and augmented reality have taken off majorly in the past few years. It’s estimated to be a nearly $30 billion dollar industry, with that number projected to continue going up in coming years. 

Here at eTech, we’ve written extensively about how powerful of an experiential marketing tool VR headsets can be, particularly at tradeshows and conferences. From games and competitions to get people to your booth, to virtual demos of your latest products, VR headsets can help you stand out from the competition (other booths). 

But, we’d be remiss to completely ignore one the other main benefits of VR headsets – fun! Whether you are looking for a team-building activity with employees or just wanting to give the VR headsets a test run without the commitment of buying them outright, we’ve put together a list of places you can go across a few different major cities to give the popular “toys” a whirl. 


Shameless plug time. While the places listed below in this post are great choices for quick day activities, there are limitations. If you have a big team, you’ll need to call ahead of time and get reservations (assuming they have enough space), and you also need to keep in mind the costs. 

So for those wanting free reign of the headsets for a longer period of time, and also wanting to save some money on the team outing, may we suggest another option: Rent the headsets from eTech and we will send them to you. We have numerous options, like the Oculus Quest Go, and can help you with set up and activity ideas. We ship directly to Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and more! Reach out to us today for more information. 


https://zerolatencyvr.com/  – This chain of free-roam VR experience locations offers gamers an experience like none other. There are 14 locations across the United States, including in cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. 

Gamers here are given a headset, a super high-powered backpack computer, and a controller. They are then sent out to roam the playing space freely with no wires, cords, walls or constraints. 

This company offers players the choice of numerous games such as Far Cry VR, Undead Arena, Sol Raiders, Zombie Survival, Singularity, Outbreak Origins, and Engineerium. 


https://isimuvr.com/  – This virtual reality arcade is located about 25 miles outside of Atlanta in Deluth, Georgia. The arcade allows you to book stations ahead of time so you can play with friends. 

They also accommodate birthday parties and events, so you can make sure all your coworkers will be able to join. Once inside the VR world at the location, you can move around, look around, grab things, or even talk to friends.

Some of the games this spot offers includes: Creed: Rise to Glory, Fruit Ninja VR, Lightblade VR, and more. 


https://massvr.com/ – This massive VR arena in Chicago has been called “the first of its kind” by WGN Chicago. The location is huge and its free-roam playing arena can accommodate up to 16+ players on each of its three levels with VR headsets. 

The location rents out to private parties, and allows teams to compete against other teams for the ultimate competition. 

The games offered include VR Champions and Hallow Realm, giving players a choice between non-stop action or creepy ghost hunting.

San Diego 

https://sandboxvr.com/sandiego/location – Now open in San Diego’s Mission Valley, this state-of the art facility has four full-size playing areas. The areas come equipped with the latest VR headset technology, and real-time motion capture technology. This allows for a flawless, and truly enthralling playing experience. 

The location accommodates private events and lets you book ahead of time for your special party. 

Some of the games offered include: Amber Sky 2088, Deadwood Mansion, Curse of Davy Jones, Unbound Fighting League (UFL) and Star Trek Discover: Away Mission.

This company also has locations across the country in spots like Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, and San Francisco – with an Atlanta location coming soon. 

San Francisco 

https://zscapegames.com/vr-rooms/ – For a bit of a different VR experience, this place offers VR escape rooms. Completely unlike anything you have ever experienced. The target demographic for this ranges from adults who play video games to children (8+). 

There are engaging, thrilling games for up to six people, with difficult puzzles that require teamwork and stunning action for all kinds of parties. It’s ideal for  time with friends and family or special team-building exercises with groups of coworkers.

Some of the games include: Mad Mind and Space Heroes. 


The options are endless for immersing yourself in the world of VR. No matter what city your company is located in, chances are there is a VR arcade nearby that is perfect for a fun, engaging, team-building activity. And as we mentioned, if there isn’t one near your, reach out to us at eTech and we can help with all your VR headset rental needs, for a day of fun right from the comfort of the office.