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Interactive Touchscreen Display Rentals

Our extensive inventory includes state-of-the-art interactive touchscreen display monitors, perfect for creating interactive booth displays, personalized presentations, and engaging product demonstrations. Whether you’re an event manager or exhibitor, our touchscreens are a game-changer for captivating attendees. Utilize our technology for everything from interactive wayfinding and digital signage to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Need information kiosks for seamless navigation or lead generation solutions for efficient data capture? We’ve got it all. eTech Rentals ensures a seamless experience with our white-glove delivery and setup services, making sure your technology is ready to impress at the event. Choose eTech Rentals, the local leader renowned for outstanding service and same-day rental delivery in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Daily / Weekly Touchscreen & Commercial Display Rentals

Touchscreen Monitor & Display Solutions

  • 43-inch Samsung QC-series monitor
  • ≤8ms touch response time
  • Infrared technology
  • Detects pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palms,
    gloved fingers
  • Viewable area: 37.16″ x 20.94″
  • Available in CA
  • 55-inch Samsung QC-series monitor
  • ≤8ms touch response time
  • Infrared technology
  • Detects pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palms,
    gloved fingers
  • Viewable area: 47.78” x 26.93”
  • Available in CA
  • 65-inch Samsung QC-series monitor
  • ≤8ms touch response time
  • Infrared technology
  • Detects pen/stylus, user’s fingers, palms,
    gloved fingers
  • Viewable area: 56.45″ x 31.85″
  • Available in CA

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Vivid QLED Touchscreen Displays Delivered Today.

eTech Rentals offers white glove delivery, setup, and pickup of all our 43″ – 65″ touchscreen monitors in Los Angeles and Southern California, and we can help you determine the placement and display adjustments of your screen to match your space.

There are a lot of factors that can determine which type of touchscreen monitor or display you need and how large, including: the ambient light of the venue and how many people will be viewing or interacting with the screen at the same time. Our touchscreens have infrared (IR) technology allowing for a highly accurate touch experience within less than 8 seconds making it a great fit for tradeshow booth engagement, experiential marketing events, or event checkins & registrations. The IR technology also recognizes virtually any touch input, whether from fingers, palms, pens/stylus, and even gloved hands, ensuring a effective user experience no matter how you’re using it.

Need help determining the right size or have a special setup in mind? Give us a call for a consultation and we’ll recommend the solution that’s a perfect fit for your event or business need, including any additional rentals to make your event run smoothly such as Wifi/hotpots, laptops, and media playing devices. And if you already know what you want – our touchscreens can be delivered to your venue space as soon as today! That’s part of what makes eTech Rentals the go-to resource for trade shows, conventions, corporate events, product demonstrations, employee training and more!

HQ in LA, White-Glove Delivery Today

eTech Rentals provides event and business technology equipment to SoCal companies who rely on our expertise in the LA event space and our relationship with production houses in Hollywood, Culver City and Burbank. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping on portable and mobile devices to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S.

We deliver to the following cities and their surrounding areas: 

Los Angeles – Norwalk – Bell Gardens – Fontana – Hawthorne – Culver City – Burbank – Pasadena – Anaheim – Sana Ana – Rialto – Fresno – Oxnard – Palmdale – Baldwin Park – Chino Hills – Panorama City – Long Beach – Riverside – Rancho Cucamonga – Ontario – San Bernardino – Brentwood – North Hollywood – Paramount – Santa Monica – Torrance – Thousand Oaks – Huntington Beach – Corona – Temecula – La Habra – San Diego.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of Commercial Touchscreen Displays do you offer?

We have 3 sizes of touchscreens rentals 43″, 55″, and 65″ all with the ability to recognize touch from hands, palms, pens/stylus, and even gloved fingers. On top of our inventory of touchscreen rentals, we also offer many sizes of 4K monitors and standard displays ranging from 42” – 86″. You can choose from a range of professional stands and supporting equipment and you can be confident that we only rent displays from the highest-quality leading manufacturers.

Contact eTech today to connect with one of our tech-savvy go-to people to discuss your next project and which size 4K Display Rentals best suits your rentals needs.

What operating systems are compatible with your touchscreen rentals?

Our Samsung smart touchscreens work with Microsoft® Windows®, Samsung® SoC, Google® Chrome®, Android®, MacOS® , and many popular Linux® Distributions – HID Compliant Compatibility.

Can I use your touchscreen rentals in Portrait mode?

Yes. The touchscreens themselves work in either landscape or portrait mode making it a good solution for interactive forms or if you’re trying to emulate a larger than life iPhone/tablet experience. We have stands available for both portrait or landscape orientation.

Are touchscreens more fragile than a regular display?

Touchscreens are sturdy and considered to be just as reliable as a regular monitor or display. However, the touchscreen functionality itself gets a lot of wear and tear over time and that could cause lack of sensitivity. That’s why renting is a good solution. All our touchscreens are checked at time of delivery to ensure you’ll experience no user issues during your event. The models are also made from all-metal bezel construction, combined with high strength glass, adding considerable protection to the display itself, while also keeping your content crisp and bright.

What exactly is a 4K Display, QLED, and LED?

4K refers to 4K resolution, meaning the image is 3840 horizontal pixels.  That’s 4 times the number of pixels than HDTV.  In other words, this relatively new technology is a very high resolution providing much greater contrast and detail in the picture.

The bigger your display, the more important this detail becomes because the picture will be a lot clearer and sharper. This ultra-high definition means that it’s more interesting to look at which means it captivates the viewers more which means, yes, greater impact.

Should I rent LED or QLED, what’s the difference?

4K LED TVs and 4K QLED TVs are noticeably better than 1080p; however, QLED technology offers a deeper, richer range of cinematic colors and superior blacks, as well as Dolby Vision support. LED TVs also use a backlight to illuminate pixels, while and QLED TV’s pixels emit their own light, which can be controlled by each individual pixel. That control level is what enables QLED to produce true cinematic colors.

In terms of which display is right for your needs, that can be answered by the content you plan to show on the display. If your content is produced at television quality there is no better way of displaying it than on a 4K QLED TV. Speak with your eTechnician and they will help you decide what will be the best way to display your content (or even help make your content show better on whichever monitor you choose to rent).