Top Event Guest Check-in Apps: Streamline Arrival Without the Headache

First impressions matter, and for events, a smooth check-in process sets the tone for a successful experience. Ditch the outdated pen-and-paper method and embrace the efficiency and engagement offered by event check-in apps. But with numerous options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

Worry not, event organizers! This guide compares and contrasts five popular apps, analyzing their pros and cons to help you find the perfect fit for your event:

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1. Onsite by EventMobi:


  • Lightning-fast check-in: QR code scanning ensures speedy guest flow, minimizing queues and wait times.
  • Offline functionality: Works even without internet connection, ideal for outdoor events or areas with poor Wi-Fi.
  • Customizable badges: Design badges with your branding and relevant information for each guest.
  • Advanced reporting: Generate detailed reports on attendance, arrival times, and other valuable insights.


  • Price point: Can be pricier than some competitors, especially for larger events.
  • Learning curve: Manual check-in feature might require initial training for event staff.
  • Limited analytics: Basic plan offers less extensive reporting compared to competitors.
OnArrival cvent event-check-in eveent badges

2. OnArrival (Cvent):


  • User-friendly interface: Simple and intuitive design ensures both guests and staff navigate seamlessly.
  • Professional appearance: Custom-branded kiosks create a polished and modern registration experience.
  • Multiple check-in options: Supports QR code scanning, manual search, and e-ticket validation for flexibility.
  • Seamless integration: Integrates with other Cvent products for comprehensive event management.


  • Hardware investment: Requires purchase or rental of kiosks, adding to overall event budget.
  • Limited customization: Customization options for badges and kiosks might be limited compared to other apps.
  • Scalability: Larger events with significant foot traffic might require additional resources to manage check-in.

3. Splash Host:


  • Cost-effective: Affordable pricing makes it a good option for budget-conscious events.
  • Bulk printing: Print badges in bulk for quick check-in, especially useful for large groups.
  • Walk-in registration: Accommodates last-minute attendees without pre-registration.
  • Accessibility features: Supports features like voice-activated check-in for inclusivity.


  • Multiple device limitations: Check-in across several devices can be cumbersome.
  • Limited features: Offers fewer functionalities compared to more advanced apps.
  • Offline limitations: Offline functionality might be limited compared to other options.

phone mockup of Check-In by Social Tables guest event check-in app

4. Check-In by Social Tables:


  • Scalability: Handles large volumes of guests efficiently, suitable for major events.
  • Advanced features: Offers features like table assignments, dietary restrictions, and lead retrieval.
  • Customization: Provides extensive customization options for badges, branding, and workflows.
  • Data insights: Offers detailed data dashboards and reports for informed decision-making.


  • Price point: Higher pricing suitable for larger organizations with complex event needs.
  • Steeper learning curve: More features could necessitate initial training for event staff.
  • Limited free plan: Free plan has limited functionalities compared to paid plans.
event farm mobile app qr code badge checkin

5. Event Check-in:


  • Free plan: Offers a free plan with basic check-in functionalities for smaller events.
  • Flexibility: Supports multiple check-in methods like QR codes and manual search.
  • Customization: Allows branding and customization of badges and guest lists.
  • Event communication: Enables sending event updates and messages directly to attendees.


  • Limited features: Free plan offers basic features, with advanced functionalities requiring paid upgrades.
  • Potential technical limitations: User reviews mention occasional technical issues.
  • Scalability concerns: Might not be ideal for large events with complex needs.

Choosing the Right App:

The ideal app depends on your event size, budget, and desired features. Consider these factors:

  • Event size and complexity: Small gatherings might be well-served by free or basic plans, while larger events require advanced features and scalability.
  • Budget: Determine your budget and explore pricing options of different apps.
  • Desired features: Identify the functionalities essential for your event, such as badge printing, offline functionality, or data reporting.
  • Ease of use: Consider the app’s interface and potential training needs for staff.

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  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of iPads, tablets, and iPhones to match your event’s needs and budget.
  • Expertise: Our team can help you select the right app and device combination, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your guests.
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