Candy Y.

Candy Yi

I needed a high power laptop to run an Lenovo Mixed Reality headset on and upon referral (by another tech rental company!!) gave eTech a call. Sure enough they had something, and I was able to pick it up the next day. When I went to pick it up with my mixed reality headset, Milko and Abraham from eTech were kind enough to let me try running the program on the laptop before I took it with me. And of course technology starting doing its technology things and was being really difficult. Mind you, I'm not familiar with all these tech gear so Abraham put down what he was working on, sat down, and began to figure out all the tech on my behalf. An hour later, Abraham and Milko decide that it would be technologically easier if I rent a different headset from them rather than the laptop. Abraham sets up the entire program for me on the new option of headset (Oculus Go) for me and one more hour later, I walked away with TWO headsets ready to go with my 360 video already downloaded. Mind you, the guys took a hit because two headsets were half the price of the laptop I was originally planning on renting. Not only did they figure out the tech for me (not the job of a tech rental place), they took a loss to make my life easier. 3 days later, I returned the headsets and it was such an easy, breezy process. Milko and Abraham honestly would not let me stress and kept their good energy for me despite me taking so much of their time. I would've written a review anyways, but I was also fed lunch (Milko shared half his lunch with me- who does that?) and coffee.

Guaranteed these guys are honest, hard working, and will not let you walk away anything less than 100% happy with your rental. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

PS. They have big time clients including Coachella + big time award ceremonies meaning eTech not only can provide but are reliable! I know the industry, and one thing we don't do is we don't take chances when it comes to things that can go wrong.