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When “no bars” is not acceptable whether is at a conference, a temporary production office or a tradeshow booth in the middle of a concrete jungle – eTech Rentals can set up temporary internet rental for a day, a week or for the duration of your next production.

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eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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Temporary Internet Rentals

Why Temporary Event WiFi Internet?

Temporary Event Internet WiFi from eTech Rentals makes sure that your event receive the most reliable temporary internet available.  Our eTechnicians have the IT expertise and 25 years of SoCal Venue experience to ensure the highest high-performing temporary event internet.

Temporary Event Internet CONNECTS:

  • Ticketing and Registration Flexibility
  • Separate bandwidths for Credit Card Payments and other PoS
  • Event Staff Connectivity
  • Event Attendee Wifi
  • Sponsored Livestreaming
  • Hosted (Branded) Event Internet
  • Access and Control of AV, Lighting, Temporary Internet etc.
  • Whatever your event needs in the Event Tech Rental space

Our eTechnichians know that your event needs that critical IT solution and delivers the right mix of reliability, connectivity and speed.

Why should we use eTech Rentals Temporary Event Internet Services?

Our 25 years experience renting Temporary Internet Wifi and AV Solutions for SoCal’s venues, stadiums, hotels and meeting places makes it easy for our eTechnicians to assess the location and type of event.

If your event requires complex temporary event internet or other IT services, our onsite eTechnician will set up, monitor and troubleshoot all connectivity issues, being there every step of the way.

When temporary event internet or wifi for an event can be set-up ahead of time whether its extra bandwidth, temporary internet, or wired connectivity for exhibition booths, small training sessions, and interactive demonstrations etc. then count on eTech Rentals to deliver on-time, to your specifications, charged and ready to use technology rental products.

eTech Rentals has the experience for your next event at the SoCal venue you have chosen so we are solving the problems before you even know you have them.  eTech Temporary Event Internet and other Event It Services can solve the most challenging issues any event planner or coordinator faces.  Events are about connecting, and staying connected, and it’s consistent, secure temporary internet that makes that possible.  

What if our event venue already offers Internet?

Event Internet at different venues is often overloaded or poorly managed and can all be very slow. No doubt you’ve attended events or conferences where you couldn’t even get connected, or you were unable to download critical information in a timely manner.   Since we know that effective Temporary Event Internet is always at the core of any successful event, eTech Rentals works with the venue to augment the existing Internet or completely replace it.  This often is far less expensive than the venue’s comparable Internet solution.   Single locations (such as Technology lounges or boutique venues) can be set up with the WiFi offered in that location assuring the impact (and connections) you desire.

Why eTech Rentals?

eTech Rentals is Technology Rental Company providing the best Temporary Event Internet Services for your next event.  Get your eQuote Today and experience what easy event connectivity and expert service truly feels like.  


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