Renting a MacBook? Find Out Which Model Your Business Really Needs

When it comes to renting MacBook Pros, it can be challenging to determine which model is ideal for your budget, business, or event. And with various MacBook Pro options available, each with its own attributes, your decision can become even more difficult. While our technology rental experts are always happy to help you determine the ideal gear for your unique needs, we’ve outlined a general overview of both the MacBook Pro 13” and the MacBook Pro 16” below. Use our guide—and our professionals’ expertise—to help you narrow down which model is ideal for your upcoming project or event.

MacBook Pro 13”

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The M1 v. The Intel Core i5

Apple released their latest 13-inch MacBook Pro models in 2020. In May, they released an option with an Intel Core i5 chip, and in November, they released an entry-level 13-inch option with an M1 chip. The important thing to note when comparing these options is that Apple says that the M1 chip increases battery life and speed. Right now, the M1 is only offered in the entry-level MacBook Pro 13” option, which is a more affordable option. The Intel Core i5 chip also offers reliable high-quality performance for a slightly higher price tag — but it comes with more storage and RAM. In short, choosing between the M1 and the Intel Core i5 chip comes down to your specific needs.

Events, Post-Production, and Special Projects

The MacBook Pro 13” model that features the M1 chip offers a longer battery life than any other MacBook Pro option at up to 20 hours, according to Apple. This may be beneficial if you’re using your MacBook Pro rental for an outdoor event or while working in the field. In other words, if your needs require you to be wireless for long periods of time, this might be the best option for you.

Similarly, its smaller size and profile make it compact and manageable to utilize for on-the-go projects. The MacBook Pro 13” features Rosetta 2, which makes it possible to integrate the apps on your iPhone or iPad on the MacBook itself. This comes in handy if you often work in apps like Filmic Pro on your phone and want to view them on a larger screen. It’s helpful to be able to seamlessly transition between devices with this feature.

Display and Editing

While the MacBook Pro 13” is more of an entry-level MacBook Pro option, the latest model that features the M1 chip boasts, according to Apple, “up to 2.8x CPU performance and up to 5x the graphics speed.” This means that while the memory remains at 16 GB, the M1 technology increases speed. If you need a laptop that is small and quick, this is your answer.

When it comes to editing and post-production for film projects, the MacBook Pro 13-inch’s smaller display might not be as effective as the 16-inch option. This, of course, also depends on your unique needs and whether you prefer a more portable option. While it is smaller, the latest 13-inch model still boasts improved color offerings with Apple’s P3 wide color. And it features improved “studio-quality” mics for higher-quality audio production.

MacBook Pro 16”

16″ vs 13″

Multitasking and Major Projects

The MacBook Pro 16” is a favorite among designers, producers, and event managers in all industries. The latest model features “up to 8TD SSD storage” which is the most in any of the MacBook Pro offerings. Essentially, if you are looking for a laptop to become your workhorse for audio production, video production, or any creative project that requires multitasking and multiple files, the MacBook Pro 16” is likely the key.

Unlike the MacBook Pro 13”, the MacBook Pro 16” still contains the Intel Core i9 processor. It has up to 8 cores, which means that it can handle heavy sustained use for longer periods of time. Rather than a quick option for on-the-go, the MacBook Pro 16” may be best suited for detailed, intensive projects. While the battery is “the highest capacity” Apple has used in a notebook, it provides 11 hours of battery life (as opposed to the 13” M1’s 20 hours).

Display and Editing

With regard to display, its large screen and high-quality display options assist in creative projects. Specifically, the latest model features AMD Radeon Pro 5000M, which boasts lightning-fast graphics and playback capabilities. It also means that film projects, even in ultra-high definition, can be rendered at an extremely fast speed. Like the MacBook Pro 13”, it features P3 wide color which increases image and video quality.

Similarly, the MacBook Pro 16” memory options are higher than that of other MacBook Pros. With options of up to 64GB, you can multitask, download, and edit seamlessly without fear of it becoming bogged down or slow.

The speakers and mics are also worth noting in the MacBook Pro 16”. This model features a six-speaker sound system and “studio-quality” mics. In short, it’s a powerful audio tool with capabilities that can compare with other third-party audio gear.

The 2021 MacBook 16”

Since we’re covering Apple’s MacBook Pro models, we’d be remiss not to mention the rumors swirling that Apple is set to release an updated MacBook Pro 16” and 14″ models this year. While not much is yet known about it, rumor has it that this model might feature an M1X chip, a follow-up to the original M1 that has proven to be both powerful and popular. For now, we’ll have to (likely) wait until the latter half of 2021 to see Apple’s latest.

How to Choose Between Renting the MacBook Pro 13” and the MacBook Pro 16”

We recommend taking stock of the intended purpose of the MacBook(s). Do you plan to use them in an outdoor setting for long periods of time? Will you use them to edit long-form projects that require multiple files? Do you need a quick rental for a training event or marketing demonstration?

Whatever your need renting a MacBook can be a cost-effective, time-saving option that allows you to experience the power of a MacBook without the hassle of maintaining it. Our experts are here to help you determine the ideal MacBook Pro rental for you.

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