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Rent iPad Mini (6th Gen)

  • 8.3″ Liquid Retina Display
  • A15 Bionic Chip
  • 2266 x 1488 Resolution
  • 64 GB Storage
  • 12 MP Front/Back Camera, 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Touch ID
  • 5G WiFi Compatible

iPad Mini 6th Gen Benefits – Best Portability Power Combo

Best in class for Minis — Smaller than standards and with much more powerful A15 Bionic chip than the both the mini 4th gen and all our standard iPads. The mini iPad 6th gen will have no trouble single-handedly keeping up with team communication, while running multiple event applications, and capturing vibrant event photos and video as you move about the event space.

    • Power + Portability: The iPad Mini 6th gen is significantly smaller and lighter than the iPad Pro or standard iPads, just like the Mini 4th gen, but with all around better processing power than the standard iPads or mini 4th gen and a more advanced 12MP front/back camera that’s great for content production.
    • Space-Saving at Booths or Tight Spaces: For tradeshow exhibitors with limited booth space, the Mini 6th gen provides the smaller footprint while also the benefit of vivid or heavy load applications or sales and presentation capabilities for your booth.
    • Fits the L7 Square Reader Case: The only iPad rental that fits into the L7 Square Reader Case, making it the perfect solution for pop-up shops, restaurants, or any vendor that needs a hand-held device that can process transactions on-the-go.
    • Great Bulk Solution: If you need 10, 20 or 50 iPads shipped to you to run a custom program, training, market research, or capture and create audience engagement this is a great solution and since it’s significantly less bulky than a standard or pro iPad model, helpful when carrying and setting up larger quantities. We have a large inventory of iPads and can help you determine the exact size and processing power you need.
    • Pre-loaded Apps that Make Workflow Seamless: Whether it’s check-in software, sales and promotion material, or survey and email apps, all our iPads come installed with event and business management applications, and we customize your Apps to meet your needs with no extra time or cost to you.
    • Fully-Charged, 5G Ready, with Data Plans Available: Staying connected to your team and to your applications is a must right out of the gate. Our iPads arrive to your location fully-charged, 5G capable, and with data plans on request; so you can open applications, except check-in data, and keep in contact with your team the minute it arrives.

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8.3” Liquid Retina Display
A15 Bionic Chip
64GB or 256GB Capacity
5G Wi-Fi Compatible

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Apple A8
32GB Capacity
4G Wi-Fi Compatible

10.2” Retina Display
Apple A12 Fusion
128GB or 256GB Capacity
4G Wi-Fi Compatible

9.7” Retina Display
Apple A10 Fusion
64GB or 128GB Capacity
4G Wi-Fi Compatible

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eTech Rentals is a technology rental company trusted by the Nation’s largest events and businesses. We offer comprehensive 5G Wi-Fi solutions including from hotspots, bonded internet, and executive WiFi to meeting planners and IT professionals in Southern California and beyond. In addition to Wi-Fi hotspot rentals, we can also provide additional laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets, VR equipment and more. We work closely with event planners, IT managers, production coordinators, project managers, and operations directors to supply the technology and expertise to get the job done right.

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Headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, CA eTech Rentals has provided equipment rentals for companies across the U.S. from San Francisco, Dallas and Austin, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S. If you need an portable device today or tomorrow, eTech Rentals is everywhere you need us to be!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent iPads for a month or longer?

Yes. eTech Rentals has rental terms for a day, a week, a month and sometimes longer. Many companies use long-term rentals as a cost-effective way to equip their office staff or teams without having to carry the burden of purchasing 100 iPads, especially if it’s just for less than a year. It’s also cheaper for companies to provide temporary iPads and tablets to their team for a few months knowing a newer version is coming out later in the year that they’ll want to purchase. Whatever your need, eTech Rentals has flexible rental terms. Give us a call at: (877) 738-3246.

How much is it to rent an iPad?

Average cost to rent an iPad for an event can be less than $100 and increases based on the model of iPad your event or project requires. Our quotes are customized specifically for your business’ needs, with quote response turn around in minutes. We also have models and accessories such as kiosks, Apple pencils, stands, and lighting. Give us a call for custom pricing at: (877) 738-3246. (877) 738-3246.

What types of iPads can I rent through eTech?

eTech Rentals has different types of iPads including:

iPad Standard
iPad Pro
iPad Mini
iPad Stands

We work closely with you to help you decide which style of iPad best suits your specific budget and project. Just give us a call at (877) 738-3246 to ask one of our eTechnicians which iPads are the best fit for your next event.

Should I rent (and not buy) iPads and tablets for my next corporate event?

Making the investment of 50 iPads (or more) may seem to make financial sense if you rent them four or more times per year, but that also means taking care of 50 iPads, having the proper tech support on hand, keeping all the software updated and the iPad clean, both inside and out.
When you rent iPads from eTech Rentals your equipment is fresh… and refreshed. At eTech Rentals, we ensure your iPads are delivered on time, fully charged, and rigorously cleaned.

Why should I rent iPads for event attendees if they already have a laptop or tablet?

Renting eTech iPads for your next event is an easy, effective and excellent way to transform your next event or conference with technology. Here are some examples of why you should rent iPads for your attendees:

Quick startup time for presentations. At the start of your presentation, everyone will literally be on the same page, connected to Wi-Fi and ready. Time is money, especially at short-term events! By providing iPads, there are no more dead batteries, people looking for their cords, Wi-Fi issues or anyone left out.

Complete focus on a single device. Improve audience attention and response (polling, contact forms, etc.) presentations and interactive product demonstrations that have attendees focused on your screen, and not having pop ups of their text messages and emails.

Highlighting videos and ads. You can use an engaging ad, quiz or video that takes viewers to a key page or presentation.

Use iPads Socially. During breaks, have a mini Twitter wall or an Instagram photo contest to promote interaction.

How many iPads can I rent through eTech?

We’ll make sure you have all the iPads you need. Whether you’re planning a small training conference, a larger outdoor event, or a cutting-edge experiential marketing event, our goal is to make your project a success, without you having to worry about technical issues.

eTech Rentals allows you to rent as many iPads as you need for your next corporate event with a minimum of five iPads.

Unsure of how many iPads you’ll need? Just ask one of our rental experts how many iPads you’ll need to help you achieve your event goals.