Can’t get everyone in the same room for a big product launch, a writers room or a quarterly sales meeting?

Video Conferencing done right can be the next best thing to being there. Renting Professional Video Conferencing Equipment from eTech Rentals makes sure your multi – site meetings go off without a hitch. 

Video Conferencing Rentals

eTech Rentals is the technology rental company that makes sure your video conferences don’t have technology glitches that delay, distort or further distance participants…wouldn’t that be a change from your last video conference? 

Uur eTechnicians makes sure that the video conferencing equipment is set up to your exact specifications allowing a video conference to start on time with no technical delays.  Our experts can make sure that your bandwidth is appropriate for the video conference in each of the locations the equipment is rented for, and which options, such as 4K displays, desktops or laptops will work best for your video conference.  


eTech Rentals makes sure that your video conferencing rental is the right equipment for each location and the setup is done correctly onsite or offsite with the right cords, audio equipment and cameras for the location and the number of people.   

Whether it’s for a one-time meeting or a project that requires critical coordination meetings – make sure it’s eTech Rentals video conferencing equipment in your boardrooms around the country or in your writers’ offices throughout Socal…skip the travel and turn on the video conferencing. 

eTech Rentals doesn’t just rent video conference equipment – we come use this technology so we can recommend what is optimal for the number of locations, about how many people at each location, time of day etc. 


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eTech Rentals can make sure you are connected to your team whether they are SoCal local and are skipping the commute or across the country.


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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