Want to connect with your customers while they connect?

Use a Technology Lounge at any event to make that happen.  eTech Rentals can help you set up a brand-boosting technology lounge that draws those potential customers in, and gives them a reason to hang out while they connect their devices, so that you can connect with them.

Technology Lounge

Our eTechnicians will help you create a tech lounge that is an oasis in the middle of a busy event, an inviting atmosphere that fits with the event goers — your potential customers.

We know from our experience that this takes more than a charging station or two. The lounge needs to be accessible and make it easy for you to interact with them, and for them to interact with each other. You want connections to be made literally, and figuratively.  We will use our expertise to help you get the most out of your technology lounge.  

Just as we want to make it easy and exciting to create the technology lounge that fully supports your objectives, you want to make it easy for lounge visitors to engage with your brand. We will make sure you have the right equipment, such as branded charging stations, dedicated, efficient and safe WiFi, along with eye-catching 4K displays that are set up as Twitter Walls or for streaming event related videos.  

Just like any other investment, to succeed you need to be clear on what your goals and objectives are. We are not just interested in throwing a bunch of equipment at you. We will help you understand how best to use your technology so that you and your staff maximize those potential customer interactions and that your company information is presented in a fun and effective marketing manner.  


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We know what technology is available and best suited for your Technology Lounge or other technology rental needs.

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Outdoor events create their own special excitement, and their own technology challenges — different than the usual concerns with indoor events. 

The right event technology and WiFi from eTech Rentals will make your outdoor event is memorable for all the right reasons.