Entertainment is first and foremost show “business”. 

Here at eTech Rentals we know this business and have the expertise to make sure your production has the technology you need to get up and running, or speed along with greater capacity as your staff and technology needs increases.   

Entertainment Office Rentals

eTech Rentals is a technology rental company that knows ENTERTAINMENT inside and out.  We know that your product office needs to be up…yesterday and everything needs to be set-up perfect…the first time. 

eTech Rentals understands the entertainment industry – the urgency – the need for connectivity and for cutting edge technology.  There’s no time to waste while someone to get up to speed on what a writers room needs, or how to set up the accountant’s office so they can do their work necessary. Our eTechnicians can get you up and running, sometimes within hours. 


eTech makes it easy to set up production offices in 24 hours or less with just a call or text to eTech Rentals.  We will immediately pull together a list of equipment based on the size, budget and focus.  Whether it’s MacBook Prosmicr toner printers (for accountants), video conferencing equipment for those writers’ rooms, we’ll get your offices ready for accountants, writers, or production assistants.   

eTech Rentals makes that extra effort whether it’s in speed or knowledge. We know the entertainment industry and what it takes to get pre-production or production offices set up with leading technology perfect for that great team you‘ve put together.  Consider us part of that team and we will help make your production look great!  


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eTech Rentals means what they say when they told me they could get my production offices up in 24 hours…at least the technology side of things was done.  Thanks eTech!

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