You need specialized equipment and you need it now.  Within 24 hours eTech Rentals can set you up with highly secure technology you need to start hiring and paying the writers and production staff.

Whether you are starting a pilot or have a growing production, eTech Rentals can set you up with all the technology you need for your production accounting office.

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Production Accountant Rentals

eTech Rentals is the company that will get your production accounting office up and running in 24 hours so you can get right to work because, after all,  the show must go on.  

From your secure PC to versatile high-use scanners and micr toner printer, along with any other support technology you need for production staff accounts, payments, and ongoing processing, our eTechnician will ensure that you have the most secure equipment to optimize your productivity, even work on the go, to ensure that time is on your side.    

You don’t have to worry about a technical support staff when you rent from us because we will ensure that all your accounting production equipment is fully loaded, secure, and able to handle whatever volume you need. We anticipate the possibility of expansion so all the production equipment you rent can be adapted from pilot, to ongoing seasons. It doesn’t matter if you need equipment short term, or for a longer period of time, we’ve got you covered.  

We don’t just send you a bunch of equipment. We know that when it comes to production projects, time is everything. So, we’ve done the up-to-date research for you, and have the long time experience, and passion, to help you bring your production to life as quickly as possible through the best technology equipment and support specific to your production.    


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eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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eTech Rentals really can get a production office up and ready in 24 hours.  That was really helpful when we had a time crunch.

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