Outdoor events create their own special excitement, and their own technology challenges — different than the usual concerns with indoor events. 

The right event technology and WiFi from eTech Rentals will make your outdoor event is memorable for all the right reasons.   

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eTech Rentals is a technology rental company that makes sure you don’t have to worry about bandwidth and pulling together the technology so you can focus on more important things – like pulling off the greatest outdoor events ever.  

Being an expert isn’t just about having been there, done that.  AeTech Rentals, it’s the previous experience that allows us to anticipate outdoor tech problems, combined with a deep knowledge of the best technology available, and the passion and desire to use technology, that makes it possible to create an elevated outdoor event.  

Our eTechnicians help you easily create an outdoor event backed by the best use of technologyWe make sure that the equipment is setup and ready to go.  That includes fully charged, sanitized on the inside (programs installed with any old software/files removed) and the outside.  We like to say our technology is fresh and refreshed!   Along the way our eTechnicians will help you use the equipment rented to highlight your brand or product in  unexpectedly elevated ways.  

We can do more than provide you with preloaded and connected rental phones for your staff to increase communication and improve outdoor event flow.  Use our technology for eye-popping 4K displays and unparalleled dedicated WiFi so it’s easy for attendees to stay connected and increase the buzz. Our eTechnicians understand the limitations and the advantages of the different technologies. We don’t just provide technology, we use it.  


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Outdoor events makes me feel so very far away and disconnected with my team – eTech Rentals showed us how by setting up rental phones, our iPads and software we could stay in touch throughout the 3 day festivial.

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