Time is money. And nowhere is that truer than in a production writers’ room. Whether you’re a script coordinator or production coordinator. you need this critical component ready…today!

eTech Rentals can help you get your writers’ room up running in 24 hours and sometimes in the same day.

Writers’ Room Rentals

eTech Rentals is the technology rental company that will get your writers’ room up and running in 24 hours or less so you lose no time getting your production or project started. Wouldn’t that be great? 

Our eTechnicians will make sure your writers’ room equipment is set up quickly and easily with the technology you need because every minute counts. The last thing you need are technical glitches that take your production off timeline and off budget, or equipment that is not creatively optimized to suit your needs. Our expert eTechnicians are ready to put their knowledge of this industry to work for you.  

You may be used to it taking days to set up your writers’ room. But we can have you up and running in in 24 hours – often on the very same day – so that everyone can get right to work on what matters – the show. We are able to apply our expertise to easily transition projects as well as long term productions, so your rental technology can grow with your project as needed, without missing a beat 

Our job is to give you the optimized technical structure so that you never need to think twice about it. That’s why eTech Rentals doesn’t just rent writers’ room tech equipment, we will also get to know your production so that we can anticipate a need you may not have thought of, and we will make sure that the creative software you need is fully installed, and that all the equipment is protected from viruses and other impediments, so the technology never slows your production down.    

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I love that eTech Rentals setups Writers’ Rooms in a matter of hours and certainly less than 24 hours. Our last rental company said 24 hours and the delivery guy came with only half the stuff and had difficulties setting up the stuff he did bring.

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