Movie Premiere, TCL Chinese Theater.

eTech recently received a last-minute call from a client who needed internet and wifi services for an upcoming premiere, but with only 3 hours’ notice before the event was set to begin. Despite the tight timeframe, eTech was up to the challenge and quickly mobilized their team to get the necessary equipment and personnel to the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

The TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, hosted the premiere of the horror film “Curse of Wolf Mountain.” The event was attended by a mix of horror fans and industry insiders, as well as the cast and crew of the movie. As the stars began to arrive, they walked down the red carpet and stopped to pose for photographers and speak with reporters. The atmosphere was eerie and tense, fitting for a horror movie premiere.

The movie premiere for “Curse of Wolf Mountain” had a mobile app component, and the client required internet and wifi services for both the red carpet and inside the theater. The order for these services was confirmed at 3pm, and the setup needed to be completed by 6pm, just a few hours before the event was scheduled to start. Fortunately, we were able to get onsite quickly and set up our eBond solution using AT&T, TMobile, and Verizon carriers. We deployed wifi in the lobby and on the red carpet, as well as in the large theater, as the client had planned for over 300 users.

With their expertise and experience, eTech was able to deploy their eBond solution using multiple carriers and set up wifi access points in record time. The end result was a seamless experience for the client and event attendees, who were able to stay connected and engaged throughout the event thanks to eTech’s speedy and efficient response.

Thanks to our efficient setup, the wifi was up and running well before the 6pm deadline. The client was pleased with the seamless experience, which allowed all attendees to easily access the mobile app and stay connected throughout the event, both in the lobby and inside the theater.

Photos From This Event:

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