Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals including chromebooks, macbook pro laptops and business laptops can be used for conferences, training, or technology lounges. Think about eTech laptop rentals for short term needs like office expansion (CPAs during Tax Season or greenlighted production offices).   eTech Rentals can deliver and set-up office technology as quick as 24 hours when needed.


eTech Rentals does not handle rentals for personal use.

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Laptop Rentals

Everybody has a Laptop so Why bother Renting Laptops for Events?

Charged and sanitized inside and out, eTech laptop rentals are a great choice when you don’t have, or don’t want to worry about having your own tech support team. Our laptops are preloaded and set-up with the latest in antivirus software and necessary apps or software for your needs.   

Maintaining 50 or more laptops can be an arduous task for your IT staff.  Etech Rental laptops are maintained and come sanitized, inside and out, are all updated and fully charged. 

Renting eTech laptops allows you to provide your staff, or customers consistency of screen views, visual and usability experience. Different size screens, WiFi adaptors and memory chips of users’ own laptops give everyone a different experience which may be counterproductive to your needs. 

 Allowing users’ to use their own laptops can drain time and critical IT resources making a training or conference event seem disorganized or drawn out. 

Laptops vs. iPads – Which Should I Rent?


Rent laptops when you require a lot of typing or need programs that work best on PCs.  Even some cloud based programs are better on a PC, such as spreadsheets or some content management systems (such as Wordpress). 

If the program needs to be downloaded and setup then our eTechnicians can prep the laptops ahead of time with custom, or mirrored logins, and everything else you need for a complete setup.  

Also, if you are training and consistent screen views are important to the flow of presentation, then renting laptops will save training time and event resources. 

Can eTech set up laptops with what our users need?

eTechnicians will prepare your laptop with all the software you require.  eTech Rentals has licensing for many standard programs and will assist you in setting up specialty software to make your event exceptional. 

What type of Laptop Rentals does eTech have?


Chrome books are super portable and great for cloud based programs that need good WiFi connectivity. 

MacBook Pros work for MAC programs that may need more memory or hard drive than iPads.  Design or video editing programs are a few areas that Mac tends to take the lead in software. 

PC laptops are ideal for pc software that may need hard drive space or need memory for heavy data manipulations including non-cloud based software. 

Let our eTechnicians help you decide what rentals will be best for your business challenge or next event/training.


How many laptops should I rent?


You can rent as many laptops as you need for your situation with a minimum of 5 laptops. 

There is no “right” number to rent because every event and situation is unique. Whether you’re planning a small training conference, a larger outdoor event, or a cutting-edge experiential marketing event, our focus is to make your decisions easy and your experience excellent.       

So just call, text or click, to ask one of our Rental Experts how many laptops you’ll need to help you achieve your event goals.


Why eTech Rentals?

eTech Rentals is a Technology Rental Company providing Laptop Rentals with shipping to your event location (let eTech get the laptops there, charged, clean and ready to use).   Get your eQuote Today and experience what easy, effective service truly feels like.     


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Laptops To Rent

BUSINESS LAPTOP RENTAL - Need a laptop that handles all the spreadsheets, documents and programs your business event, conference or office needs - renting these 15" screen laptop will check all those boxes.

  • CPU Family – Core i7
  • 15” Screen (1920 x 1080)
  • Windows 7 and 10 Supportive
  • 8GB Ram / 500GB HD

FAQs About Renting Laptops

MID-SIZE LAPTOP RENTAL- When you need a mid-size laptop that can handle most any business demands including transporting, connecting and uploading/downloading meeting documents or share files.

  • CPU Family – Core i5
  • 14” Screen (1600 x 900)
  • 8GB Ram / 240GB SSD
  • Windows 7 and 10 Supportive

FAQs About Renting Laptops

GAMING/VR LAPTOP RENTAL - When your laptop isn't powerful enough to operate virtual reality glasses or you need portable gaming power, this laptop rental from eTech Rentals has enough memory and processing power to handle it.

  • CPU Family – Core i7
  • 15” Screen (1920 x 1080)
  • Windows 10 Supportive
  • 16GB Ram / 256GB SSD

FAQs About Renting Laptops

MACBOOK PRO LAPTOP RENTAL - these laptops have incredible resolution for laptop screen and offer the ease of using Mac programs native to MAC OS.

MacBook Pro 13” MacBook Pro 15”
CPU Family – Core i5 CPU Family – Core i7
13” Screen (2560 x 1600) 15” Screen (2880 x 1800)
Latest MAC OS Available Latest MAC OS Available
8GB Ram / 256GB SSD 16GB Ram / 256GB SSD

FAQs About Renting Laptops