Is the iPhone 12 the Best Choice for Your Show or Event?

If you’re looking for a mobile device to use for your upcoming show, event, or conference, the iPhone 12 is likely your best answer. We’ve discussed its pros and cons in depth here — based on Apple’s advanced technology and the other choices that are currently on the market, we believe it’s the best choice for just about any event, no matter the scale. Here are the ways in which utilizing the iPhone 12 at your next event can improve both the planning process and the event itself.

The iPhone 12 Models, Including the Mini

To begin, the iPhone 12 series includes the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Ranging from 5.4 inches (the Mini) to 6.7 inches (the Pro Max), the sizing is course the most noticeable difference between the four model options. Both models pack all the power of a full-sized tablet into your pocket, which is an all around perfect piece of tech for virtual speakers, content creators, and all event management software that you need on the go and easily shipped or transported.

Additionally, the Pro and the Pro Max are known for their excellent camera capabilities, which make them a great choice for creating and editing video or still photos. Each option contains the A14 bionic chip, which Apple boasts as “the fastest chip in a smartphone.” And each option comes with built-in 5G capabilities. All of that to say: each iPhone 12 option has benefits, and the best choice for you will rely directly on the type, size, and specific needs of your show or event.  

But What About 2021 iPhone 13?

If what we’re seeing is true, Apple still plans to drop the next generation — the iPhone 13 — in the fall, which may or may not be in time for your next conference or festival. This means it might be wise to choose to rent an iPhone 12 right now if you have an event coming up rather than purchasing 12’s or waiting for the 13 model to release. We’ve got plenty of iPhone 12 rental options, and our experts can help you determine exactly what you need for your show or event.

There’s buzz about bendable screens and even a flip phone with Apple prototypes being released internally. While it’s unlikely we’ll see a Motorola-esque flip phone like the one pictured above, most experts believe that Apple will release another four size options in the iPhone 13 series that are similar to the iPhone 12 options. Of course, we are expecting even better cameras and an even faster chip, and we’re looking forward to seeing the new technology, especially since the current technology is so powerful and innovative.

For now, here’s how the iPhone 12 can be used to improve this year’s shows and events.

Event Planning

Apps like Socio are making remote content upload, recording, and attendee management from any location seamless with iPhones & iPads

If you, like many of our clients, are hosting a digital-only or hybrid event this year, the iPhone 12 can be quite beneficial for event planning and production. For remote teams, the iPhone can make collaboration easier. For example, if you’re pre-recording footage for your event, the iPhone 12 is an affordable option that produces professional-looking video. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has an amazing camera; it has faster glass with a maximum aperture of f/1.6. It also has an Ultra Wide lens that provides 2x optical zoom, and it contains both Night Mode and Deep Fusion capabilities that help with low-light photo and video and texture and sharpness.

Pro tip: Attendees are expecting that this year’s events have worked out the kinks of live streaming, device connection, and hybrid presentation formats. The iPhone 12 will enhance the quality of your virtual content if done right. If you’re recording in your own home, you can utilize some of these gadgets that will help take your iPhone videos up a notch. And if you’re looking to rent production kits for your offsite conference presenters or to prepare pre-recorded content, options like the one below are ideal. They can be easily shipped to separate locations prior to any live or streamed event and conveniently returned.

Naturally, the iPhone 12’s video capabilities are also top of the line right now. You can record in Dolby Vision right on the iPhone, which is the first time this has been possible. Dolby Vision recording allows the iPhone to adjust metadata in real time, rather than having to handle that part in the post-production process. While Dolby Vision is not supported by some devices, it’s likely that most devices will move in that direction shortly.

Additionally, the iPhone 12 offers Apple ProRAW for still photography. This means that if you’re using the phone for content creation for event preparation, you can treat it like a “real” camera that shoots raw photos. In other words, instead of the image automatically saving as a pre-edited JPEG, it’s saved as a DNG file, which means it has a wholly editable canvas for you to make your own changes to. You’re in complete control, and this is considered a real boon to many serious photographers.

Finally, the iPhone 12 offers ease with which to edit the content you create. It offers solid editing capabilities within the phone itself. Simply shoot the photos or videos you need to prepare for your show or event, and then edit things right on the phone. Plus, editing apps like are ideal for collaborative efforts if you’re working with an event planning team.

The iPhone 12 for Live Events

The iPhone 12’s features make it an ideal addition to event planning and the event’s participants. Since it’s 5G-ready and has the best processing speed of any other model, it can help you increase engagement and ensure that the event runs smoothly.  

  • 5G. The iPhone 12 can tap into an existing 5G network or a rentable 5G hotspot. This means that your event attendees or planners can take advantage of the best internet option available, resulting in faster speeds, improved download times, faster streaming, and better latency. When you’re hosting an event, this is more important than ever. We discuss here how your internet speed strongly affects your attendees’ engagement. The TLDR: slow internet is distracting, unprofessional, and disengaging and 5G can help you avoid that.
  • Speed. The iPhone 12 uses the A14 Bionic chip, which is an incredible piece of technology. Apple says that this chip contains “forty percent more transistors” which “rev up speeds while increasing efficiency for great battery life.” In short, this phone can handle downloading and multitasking while maintaining its battery better than many other models on the market, making it ideal for event attendees who are using it for note taking or collaboration.
  • Engaging Solutions. The iPhone 12’s A14 chip and 5G capability allow it to smoothly handle most of what you throw at it. With regard to events, this means you can use various pieces of software and apps that can help increase event engagement. Download polling apps, survey apps, your digital presentation, or have your digital attendees break out into small groups via Facetime. The iPhone 12’s power can help you increase your event’s ability to use creative and engaging solutions.

While we look forward to this year’s iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 remains a solid choice for any event, conference, show, or training. From helping to streamline collaboration and planning to increasing engagement during the event itself, this device can help you pull your event off without a hitch.  

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