Is Renting the New iPad Pro for Your Business Better Than Buying It?

The latest iPad Pro is a pretty incredible piece of equipment. It’s ultra-fast, super lightweight, and an ideal option for on-the-go needs. At eTech Rentals, we receive requests from customers who decide to rent iPads for a variety of reasons. If you’re trying to determine whether to rent or buy the iPad Pro for your business, we’re partial to renting in most circumstances. Below, we’re explaining why.  

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The Latest iPad Pro

While we wait with bated breath for the 2021 iPad Pros to hit the market, we’ve already seen that this model may suffer production issues and delays.

According to a report written by Bloomberg, Apple is struggling to acquire enough displays for its upcoming iPad Pro models – rumors suggest the slate was set to use Mini LED technology for its screens, and the report says there’s trouble on that front.

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Even for companies looking for the latest and greatest, the 2020 iPad Pro model boasts a number of advancements that make it ideal for businesses across a range of industries. From its clear display to its incredible speed, the newest iPad Pro offers plenty of potential boons for your event or project.

Display: Apple calls the iPad Pro’s display “the world’s most advanced mobile display” — and for good reason. It’s crystal-clear Liquid Retina display boasts ProMotion and True Tone, Apple’s features that create an incredible user experience with regard to aesthetics.

Cameras: The iPad Pro features a Wide and an Ultra Wide camera, making it a versatile option for still both photography and videography. It also offers the ability to shoot in 4K video and then immediately edit the footage using the Markup tool.

Speed: The iPad Pro contains the new A12Z Bionic chip, which lends it an extremely fast speed and the ability to perform well under long periods of multitasking and use, even while undertaking graphics-heavy tasks.

So Should You Rent the iPad Pro?

Simply put, it’s cost effective.

Of course, this comes with the caveat that your company should calculate how often you’ll need iPad Pros. An important element to remember — and one of the main reasons renting is often more cost effective — is that if you purchase this technology, you’re on the hook for ensuring the proper care. This means that you’ll need a team to handle tech support, software updates, regular internal cleanings, and general management of the devices. The cost of this quickly adds up.

If you examine your company’s or event’s unique needs and determine that you’ll need a number of iPad Pros, renting them can lower your upfront costs. For example, a large onboarding or training event might benefit from renting since you’ll likely need the technology for a short period of time. The “bang for the buck,” in other words, is higher when you choose to rent iPads in these types of instances.

Renting allows you to outsource software management.

By purchasing a brand-new iPad Pro, you’re signing up for a total blank slate. On the other hand, renting allows you to ensure that your iPads come with the essential software and apps that you’ll need right away. In addition, at eTech Rentals, we offer complete customization for your needs when you rent. We’ll load any specialized or custom software right onto the iPads for you so that you’re all set as soon as you receive them.  

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If your company doesn’t have a technology support department — or your tech department is relatively small or constantly busy — rental technology that is already functioning and doesn’t require consistent maintenance is ideal. For example, a large number of iPads — say 200 — for an event requires extensive set up: software setup, charging, cleaning, and more. This would be quite overwhelming for a small tech department. Renting allows someone else to handle all of those elements for you, making it exponentially easier on your internal events and technology teams.

Renting allows you to outsource event or project preparation and setup.

Renting iPad Pros for an event or presentation can help increase engagement. With a rental option, each iPad Pro can be set up, loaded with the correct software and apps, charged, and all set before the event or presentation. Since hybrid and virtual events can be challenging with regard to engagement level, pre-loaded, fast, clean iPads are ideal. They can help minimize distractions since they don’t contain personal email, apps, or work documents. In short, they offer a fast startup time for events since each participant is on the same page at the beginning.

It offers a solution for temporary or fieldwork.  

The iPad Pro offers an extremely sleek on-the-go option. Since it’s under a pound in weight and boasts “up to 10 hours of battery life,” it is ideal for outdoor events or projects that require movement. If you’re working on a project that has a set end date, like a film, employee onboarding, corporate training, or educational testing, renting iPads just makes more sense. There’s little point in investing in long-term equipment for a short-term project or event.

It maintains your freedom to experience the latest technology. 

Since technology changes so quickly, and as we wait for the 2021 version, even the latest gear can become obsolete in no time. It can be hard to justify purchasing equipment in bulk that you know may become dated in a short period of time. Again, the cost per use calculation comes into play here, but renting allows users access to the latest technology options without being locked into an investment that may not play out. Renting offers the flexibility of consistently having the opportunity to utilize the latest technology has to offer.

While renting vs. buying ultimately comes down to your unique circumstances, we believe that, in most cases, the benefits of renting can outweigh those of buying. Our experts are happy to help you determine which option is ideal for your needs.

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