5 Internet Solutions for Seamless Connectivity at Events and Beyond

In today’s digital age, staying connected is crucial. Especially at large events, trade shows, or other professional gatherings. There’s a bevy of internet options available making it hard to determine which device is the right amount of coverage for your events. Will a simple hotspot be enough for streaming at the event, maybe a gateway is better? In this article we’ll explore the 5 different types of internet solutions and the events where they’d be ideally used.

What Makes Hotspots Versatile – Other Than Their Size:

Small but mighty, 5G Internet hotspots have become indispensable tools for ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. While bonded internet isn’t a new concept to IT professionals and even savvy event managers, the term is becoming more mainstream with the advent of increasing coverage and versatility of hotspots.

Why Bonded Internet and Load Balancing are Important:

Internet bonding, also known as Wi-Fi bonding, combines multiple internet connections into a single, aggregated connection, providing enhanced bandwidth and increased reliability. In other words, it allows multiple internet sources, such as cellular networks or Wi-Fi connections, to be combined into a single unified network, creating a more robust and stable internet connection. The network of smaller devices becomes bigger and beefier than the sum of its parts.

Load balancing, on the other hand, involves the distribution of network traffic across multiple internet connections, servers, or resources. It ensures that the workload is evenly distributed, preventing any single connection or resource from being overwhelmed. Load balancing helps to optimize resource utilization, avoid bottlenecks, and enhance the performance and availability of internet services during events. The communication between the devices in the network is steady and stable, preventing performance dips or downtime.

Which Internet Solution is Right for Your Event:

100 – 150+ Users per device: Tradeshow, convention, concert, arena. Good for events where a large coverage area consisting of indoor or outdoor spaces is needed.

Pepwave Max BR2 Pro Bonded Internet

Pepwave Max BR2 Pro

  • Versatile Solution for Large Spaces and Outdoor Areas
  • Coverage: Up to 70×70 sq ft
  • User Capacity: Up to 150+ users per device

The Pepwave Max BR2 Pro Bonded Internet hotspot is a versatile solution that excels in larger spaces, both indoors and outdoors. With an impressive coverage area of up to 70×70 square feet, it provides reliable internet access for up to 150+ users. Additionally, the Pepwave hotspot can adapt to different environments, including cars, making it an excellent choice for events held in unconventional locations.

What really sets the Pepwave solution apart is its ability to switch seamlessly between wired and wireless connectivity, based on the available network. It intelligently pulls in bandwidth signals from all available cellular services, ensuring a smooth and redundant internet experience. By dynamically optimizing available network signals, it ensures uninterrupted connectivity even if multiple cellular services are present. For example, if Verizon offers the strongest signal, the Pepwave will prioritize and throttle the bandwidth over to Verizon, ensuring a reliable connection for all users.

With a coverage area of up to 70-by-70 square feet, it accommodates large event spaces, providing seamless internet access. Its adaptability to indoor and outdoor settings makes it an excellent choice for events spanning multiple locations or unconventional setups, such as corporate events, music festivals, or outdoor gatherings.

The eBond

Events up to 100 User Maximum per device: Conference with breakout rooms, eSports and gaming events, galas, product launches. Good for medium sized events where streaming is a priority.


  • Seamless Connectivity with Multi-Carrier Bonding and Versatile Connections
  • Coverage: 50×50 sq ft
  • User Capacity: Up to 100 users per device

The eBond hotspot offers a unique and powerful solution for seamless connectivity by utilizing multi-carrier bonding and versatile connection options. With the ability to connect up to 100 users simultaneously, this hotspot is well-suited for medium to medium-large events and conferences where a high user capacity is essential.

One of the standout features of the eBond hotspot is its ability to bond up to four USB LTE hotspots from different carriers. This innovative approach combines the bandwidth of multiple carriers, resulting in faster speeds and increased reliability. By leveraging the strengths of various cellular networks, the eBond hotspot ensures a robust and uninterrupted internet connection even in areas with limited coverage.

Additionally, the eBond hotspot provides three ethernet broadband connections, further enhancing its versatility. These ethernet connections can be utilized to connect additional devices or serve as backup connections, adding an extra layer of reliability and redundancy.

Small to Small-Medium Events (80 Users per device): Single breakout rooms, office, tradeshow booth. Good for coverage in smaller spaces where internet connection is spotty.

T-Mobile Gateway Router:

t mobile t-moblie
  • Perfect for Conference Rooms and Larger Trainings
  • Coverage: 30×30 or 40×40 sq ft
  • User Capacity: Up to 60 users per device

The T-Mobile Gateway hotspot is designed for smaller, but still connectivity-demanding spaces, such as conference rooms or training venues. With a coverage area ranging from 30-by-30 to 40-by-40 square feet, it provides reliable connectivity for up to 40 users. 

Conference rooms and training spaces often require a stable and fast internet connection to facilitate effective communication, collaboration, and information sharing. The T-Mobile Gateway hotspot is well-equipped to meet these demands, providing reliable connectivity for participants to access online resources, engage in video conferences, or participate in virtual training sessions without disruptions.

AT&T & Verizon 5G Hotspot

Small to Small-Medium Events (30-40 Users per device): Single breakout rooms, office, tradeshow booth. Good for coverage in smaller spaces where internet connection is spotty.

5G Hotspot Rental

  • Ideal for Small Spaces and Trade Show Booths & On The Go
  • Coverage: 10×10 or 20×20 sq ft
  • User Capacity: Up to 32 users

The AT&T Netgear Nighthawk Hotspot and the Verizon 5G Mobile Hotspot are both excellent choices for events in small spaces, such as trade show booths, small breakout rooms, or intimate gatherings, where reliable and fast internet connectivity is crucial. The AT&T hotspot’s compact design and powerful capabilities make it perfectly suited for such settings. With a coverage area of up to 20-by-20 square feet, it ensures a stable and consistent connection, enabling seamless online experiences for up to 32 users simultaneously.

The Verizon 5G Mobile Hotspot also provides a fast and efficient connection for gatherings in small spaces. With the capacity to connect up to 30 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously, it provides ample internet access for attendees to stay connected and engaged throughout the event. Whether it’s vendors processing transactions, attendees sharing their experiences on social media, or organizers accessing real-time data, this hotspot delivers a seamless and reliable internet experience for all users. Whether you choose the AT&T or Verizon hotspot, you can trust that your connectivity needs will be met, enabling you to stay connected, productive, and successful during your events and on-the-go activities.

Satellite Internet 

Outdoor Events – Perfect for large events in outdoor or very remote settings like food festivals, music festivals, or remote filming locations that need WiFi coverage for large areas


  • Ideal for large outdoor spaces and remote locations
  • Coverage: Large spaces 
  • User Capacity: Dependent on coverage size needed

Satellite Internet offers a reliable and versatile solution for accessing the internet in areas without access to wired or cellular networks. eTech Rentals provides a comprehensive Satellite Internet Rental service that caters to various needs, whether it’s for outdoor events, construction sites, disaster recovery efforts, or remote exploration projects.

Satellite Internet operates by transmitting data signals to and from satellites orbiting the Earth. This allows users to establish a connection without relying on terrestrial infrastructure, making it ideal for remote locations where laying cables or setting up traditional internet infrastructure may be impractical or impossible. With eTech Rentals’ Satellite Internet Rental, users can access high-speed and dependable internet connectivity wherever they are, ensuring seamless communication, data transfer, and online collaboration. Whether it’s a music festival in a distant countryside, a construction project in an area lacking wired connectivity, or an emergency response effort in a disaster-stricken region, Satellite Internet ensures that critical communications and operations can continue without interruption.

Key takeaways: 

Determining which of these five great Hotspot options is right for your internet needs all comes down to the size, situation, and bandwidth needs at your event. If you still have further questions about which is right for you, reach out to us at eTech Rentals and we are more than happy to advise you and get you set up for success. 

About eTech Rentals:

eTech Rentals maintains the latest network equipment, offering greater capabilities over consumer network gear. Our mission is to keep your team, tour, or event connected and working at all times. Plug-and-play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access to our support team make our system the choice for remote and nearby events. 

eTech rentals are a trusted source for high-speed and secure satellite internet solutions for every location shoot, live event or outdoor festival. No matter the event’s scale or size, we can fully configure, install and integrate the most efficient satellite internet solutions. 

And to support your event or activity, eTech also rents iPad, Surface Pro and other tablets, monitors and displays, laptops and PCs, office equipment, and AV and VR technologies, providing a one-stop solution for your tech rental needs. 

To make your upcoming events successful and free of technical worries, contact our rental experts, or submit the quick eQuote today — and experience what easy, effective service from eTech Rentals is all about.

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