Interactive Activities to Attract Visitors to Trade show Booths

Trade shows can be boring. Sometimes painfully boring. But they are also an extremely effective marketing tactic to reach a targeted audience and make them more aware of your brand. In addition to putting your team in direct contact with potential customers. 

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So the question event planners have to ask themselves is, ‘How do I make sure my booth isn’t boring?’

Here’s an idea: Provide attendees with fun trade show activities to participate in at your booth, outside of just chatting with your staff. If you have interactive activities that break through the minutiae of a trade show, your booth will stand out and attendees are more likely to not only approach you, but remember you after the event is over. 

Here are some interactive activities you can have at your trade show booth to attract more visitors. 

VR Headsets

The emergence of virtual and augmented reality headsets has been prominent over the past few years, in fact it is estimated to be a more than 12 billion dollar market by 2024.

Angry Birds VR

And now, they are becoming more and more common at trade shows. There are multiple activities that the headsets can be used for, and it’s a great way to attract people to your booth. Some of those activities include:

  • Games and Competitions – Not every activity or interaction at your booth has to be about your product or company, sometimes it can simply be for fun. Using a VR headset, or multiple, you can have competitions among attendees. VR headsets have multiple games like darts, golf, basketball, and more that you can let people play. Up the stakes a bit by offering gift cards or other rewards for those who do the best. While it may not show people what your company has to offer, attendees will undoubtedly appreciate the break from the trade show and might look at your company in a positive light for providing some moments of fun. (Check out everyone’s favorite game, Angry Birds, here)
  • Demos – On the other hand, VR headsets can also be used to showcase your products. Instead of having attendees watch a computer screen as your sales staff runs through a demo or presentation, give people a chance to “try” your products on their own. For instance, maybe your company remodels homes. Instead of simply looking at pictures of a project from the past, let an attendee walk through the remodeled house on their own to get a real feel for the work your company has done. 

Scavenger Hunts

Everyone loves prizes, and while the tried-and-true “give us your contact information to be entered to win a Yeti” is one way to attract visitors, why not spark things up a bit? 

Set up a scavenger hunt that incorporates different elements of the conference, and as people achieve the list of feats, they have to return to your booth to claim a prize. Captello lists 7 things you’ll need for a scavenger hunt that is a great starting place to plan your own.

Maybe you ask them to take pictures of different areas or presentations at the trade show, or maybe you ask them to complete tasks like finding hidden clues. You could even make one of the tasks be sitting through a product demo with your company, but remember you don’t want to force things on people. 

As with any fun trade show activity, attendees will likely appreciate the distraction of attempting to accomplish their list of objectives. 


Who doesn’t love a good photobooth? 

Remember that especially during these recent years in which a lot of people are now working remotely, many people don’t get to spend the same type of quality time with “cofriends” that they used to and love the opportunity to participate in activities together. 

If you provide a photobooth at your booth, filled with props and fun costumes, you will likely be able to attract people who want to commemorate the chance to spend in-person time with their coworkers. There are many ways to set up fun photo booths, you can rent a ring light and set it up yourself, or there are many photobooth event rental companies who can set you and tear down for you!

To really take advantage of this opportunity, consider watermarking the digital and print photos with your companies logo at the bottom. This is a great way to have potential customers think about your company every time they look at their photos of work friends. 

Smoothie Bike

This one might be slightly more expensive for your company to pull off, but it’s bound to draw a crowd. 

A bike with a blender attached to it that only blends when someone is peddling, is a fun activity that you can provide for attendees, and the best part is they then walk away with a little treat. (We’ve heard that Wheely Good Smoothies is a great rental!)

You may reserve this activity to only those that have a sit-down chat with someone on your team, because as mentioned it can get expensive providing smoothie ingredients to anyone who wants one. But for those that do sit through a presentation, and “earn” their bike smoothie, they are bound to remember the experience. Not to mention, people will who have been sitting through long presentations will likely welcome the physical activity. 

Tabletop charger

Charging Stations 

While this may seem slightly less interactive, but it’s a great way to attract visitors and get them connected to your brand. 

While people are attending trade shows, they are likely away from outlets and chargers for their phones and laptops. 

If you provide charging stations with plugs for popular devices, you will get many people coming over to grab some extra power. 

The best part about this idea is the fact that the people using the chargers will just be standing around your booth for an extended period of time, so it’s a good time for your staff to sneak in some quick conversations. 

eTech rents multiple types of charging stations, they can be seen here

So Really…

As event planners know all too well, half the battle with trade shows is attracting people to your booth. By providing a variety of fun interactive activities, you will standout from other booths that are just passing out flyers. 

eTech can help with all your technology rental needs so your booth can shine at your next trade show. Reach out to us today for more information.