How to Choose the Best Charging Station for Your Event

We think charging stations are some of the “unsung heroes” of event technology. They’re obviously quite helpful logistically speaking, as they allow you and your attendees to keep devices charged and ready throughout the event or conference. When so many people rely on technology like iPads, iPhones, and laptops for notetaking and collaboration, it’s detrimental not to include a way to keep all of these devices charged and functioning.

If you’ve decided to rent charging stations for your next event, you’ll want to consider which charging stations to use. There are various types, each with different benefits, that are ideal for events and conferences across industries with varying needs. Today, we’re discussing how to determine which charging stations are right for your specific event, and the pros and cons of each option.  

Why Use Charging Stations?

Before we discuss which option to use, let’s talk about why you should use them in the first place. Charging stations offer quite a few benefits for your event. They are an ideal place to add branding and signage; since they’re useful, you can get twice the “bang for your buck” by using them for marketing as well. 

Furthermore, they are an organic place for your guests or attendees to linger and talk. Since people generally want to stay with their devices while they’re charging, it causes attendees to gather, which can ultimately become a successful way to encourage networking with one another.

Charging stations may also help increase event engagement. Since they’re a place where attendees tend to gravitate, you can use them to your advantage by offering entertaining and conference-centric things to do while their devices charge. This could include surveys, marketing opportunities, live streams, gamification of event content for prizes, and more. 

Finally, utilizing charging stations at your event is an easy way to show your attention to detail and thoughtfulness. You’re showing your guests that you want to keep things as convenient as possible for them, which is sure to help create positive rapport.   

How to Choose a Charging Station for Your Event

Since implementing charging stations is a no-brainer, let’s talk about exactly which ones to choose. Here are a few tips to consider: 

1. Add a mix of options. There are various rentable charging stations out there. We recommend using a variety of options at your event. This will allow them to physically fit in different locations around the venue, and it will allow attendees to choose to either stand for a quick moment or to gather and socialize, depending on what their needs and time constraints allow.

2. Consider the venue. When you’re doing a walk-through or diagramming of your venue, it’s a smart idea to think through where you’ll place the charging stations throughout. Some of them are sleek and tall, while others take up more space. This means you’ll want to be deliberate about placement. This will help you determine how many to use and which sizes to choose.

3. Think through logistics. If you know that breaks during your event will cause a rush to the charging stations, you’ll want to consider how many attendees you’ll have and how many devices are likely to need charging. You don’t want to inadvertently create a bottleneck by not including enough charging stations. This would be distracting and inconvenient. 

Types of Charging Stations 

The various types of charging stations on the market today mean that your event will have a suitable setup that works just right for you. From sleek options with a small footprint to outdoor-ready battery-powered stations, you can find something suitable for just about any event type.  

Lightweight Charging Station

Lightweight charging stations are (unsurprisingly) small and sleek. The ones we offer at eTech Rentals are roughly 19 inches wide and 51 inches tall, and they charge eight smart phones. This small footprint means that they’re easily placed throughout the space, no matter the event, conference, or venue size. Their light weight means they’re portable and easy to maneuver, so if your event moves locations or is both indoors and outdoors, you can easily relocate them. Additionally, large events can benefit from having a handful of the charging station strategically placed so that event attendees can easily find and use them as needed.

Best for: 

  • Placing in small venues or in areas like entryways or hallways
  • Events that require versatility and portability 
  • Events that take place in multi-room venues
  • Indoor/covered outdoor events

Charging Tables

Charging tables are a great option for any event or conference because they offer the added benefit of an extra piece of furniture that your attendees can use. For example, users could stand and take notes or work around the charging table, even while the conference is going on. Measuring 43.5 inches tall and 72 inches in diameter, they’re a great medium-sized option that can charge up to 12 smart phones.

The other element that makes the charging table option different is that they can be plugged in or operate from a cordless battery pack. They can easily be used outdoors, making them some of the most versatile charging stations available. 

Best for: 

  • Outdoor events 
  • Events with limited outlets
  • Events that require extra table space

Glass Top Charging Stations

Finally, glass top charging stations are the more heavy-duty option available. These are about 44 inches tall and 33 inches in diameter. They offer a glass tabletop, which means they’re great for branding purposes. They charge up to nine smart phones and contain six open USB ports, so their charging capabilities are great for groups with the need for multiple types of devices. These also boast the option for a video display so that you can play a marketing video or product demonstration as your attendees use them. 

Best for: 

  • Large events
  • Events that require extra table space
  • Events that rely on various chargeable devices

Each charging station has its benefits and is sure to be appreciated by your attendees. If you have any questions about which type or how many to rent for your event, our experts will be happy to guide you to the perfect combination.  

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