How Charging Stations Can Attract Visitors to Your Booth

“How are we going to get people to come to our booth?”

As an event planner or event marketer, it’s a question you’ve likely asked yourself a million times and also been asked by your supervisors a million times.

The answer, often, is a combination of strategies. Things like an eye-catching booth design, a prime booth location, a variety of free tchotchkes like cups and lanyards, the sales team flagging attendees down as they walk by, and even gift giveaway raffles that can only be entered by leaving contact information are all proven effective tactics. Ultimately though, it’s all about standing out from the other booths, and these tactics are commonplace that your competition will probably implement as well. 

While you should absolutely continue the strategies above, it’s a good idea to also find additional ways to standout. In a previous post, we’ve discussed how VR headsets can be utilized at booths to hold game competitions among attendees, which can be an effective way to offer a fun interactive activity that other booths aren’t. However, standing out doesn’t always have to mean offering a giveaway or something “fun”. Sometimes, it can be as simple as offering something people need. 

One thing that almost everyone needs these days, especially while at an all day event, is a place to charge their cell phones and other mobile devices. In this post, we will look at how providing charging stations can attract more visitors to your booth, and review some of the various charging stations available for rent

Providing a Needed Resource 

Anyone who has ever attended a large professional conference knows just how long and grueling the days can be. Those stressful feelings only get worse when technology like cell phones or laptops – that professionals rely on to stay in the loop at work throughout the day or to be reachable for family – start losing charge. 

Many people will not think about bringing a charger along with them before leaving their hotel room or house for the day. Even if they do, it can be hard to find an open outlet anywhere near the conference. 

So, by providing a charging station at your booth, you are offering attendees a needed solution to their immediate problem. Fun activities and giveaways are great, but attendees are likely to walk right by those things when in need of a phone charge. This means your booth will likely get a lot of people stopping by. 

Aside attracting more people to stop by your booth, having a charging booth also provides additional benefits to you as an event planner, including: 

  • People have to stay for an extended amount of time. Those people who stop by to use it will likely have to stay for a decent amount of time to get an ample charge on their devices. This provides an opportunity for your booth staff to chat with the attendees and hopefully get them interested in hearing about what you offer. It’s a great way to capture contact information. Just be careful though, people are often overwhelmed from talking to people at conferences, so you want to ensure you aren’t adding to their stress. Sometimes simply giving them a chance to decompress with some quiet time is a better option.
  • You leave a good impression on attendees. Among all of the chaos, attendees will appreciate the fact that you thought ahead about providing them something they needed. After getting the charge they need, there is a solid chance they will leave feeling grateful that you provided the station and gave them a moment to step away from the hustle and bustle. One way to ensure they associate your brand with the positive experience is to add your logo to the charging station, and be sure to hand 

them a goody bag as they are leaving. 

Types of Charging Stations to Rent 

After making the decision to provide charging stations at your event booth, the next step is deciding what type you are going to get and where you are going to get them from. 

Given the cost of the stations and the fact you only need them for a short amount of time, it probably makes more sense to rent them. At eTech, we offer a variety of charging stations for rent.

The first we offer is a simple lightweight mobile phone charging station. This one is ideal for people to go plug in their phone and then step away to chat with your team members at your booth. It can also be moved around very easily and can charge up to eight smart phones. 

The second is a charging table. This type of charging station is a little bit heavier and provides some additional space for attendees to plug in their devices and stand around for a moment. This type of station can charge up to 12 smart phones. 

glass desktop chargers

Glass-top Charging Station

The last option is a glass-top charging station. This is the heaviest duty of our rental options, and also looks the nicest. It can charge 9 smart phones and has an additional 6 open USB ports. If you want to provide attendees a spot to charge their phone while also checking emails on their laptop, this is a great option. 

We also have an abundance of branding and signage options for all of the stations to ensure people leave with your logo on their mind. 

When starting to plan for an upcoming event and designing your booth, or working with a booth-design company, you want to ensure you plan for a way to stand out and attract as many people as possible. Charging stations are a great way to do so, and eTech has numerous available to make your booth special. Reach out today to learn more. 

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