WiFi Rentals for Hackathons

WiFi Solutions for Hackathons

The intense coding and project collaboration required for Hackathons can be a difficult challenge for any venue. Often these events need to take place in large open spaces that can lead to dead zones and poor connectivity. The nature of a 24 – 48 hr constant project collaboration (or even longer) means that every minute counts and is spent focused on productivity, communication, and access to the platform and tools at all times and eTech Rentals makes it happen.

We’ve helped venues increase their existing capacity to support this level of high-speed WiFi in all sorts of sectors. Whether it’s a coding competition, a datathon, hackathon, or business case competition, we’re experts in increasing the bandwidth of the event space, and even setting up completely separate WiFi solutions with wireless arrays and bonded 5G hotspots that are exclusive to the coding event.

eTech Rentals has a spotless 5 star rating on Google and a track record of service excellence. Our commitment to excellence extends to our innovative technology solutions, which are second to none, with some of the most state-of-the-art WiFi rental equipment available on the market today, enabling you to connect hundreds to thousands of engineers seamlessly, and keep communication within teams flowing throughout the life of your event both with WiFi and supporting technology such as laptops, PCs and monitors, large TV’s and displays, and of course high-speed internet.

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Austin Food Festival Case Study

In Austin, Texas, a popular food festival needed a solution to keep its vendors and attendees connected for the Instagram-able moments throughout the event.

eTech Rentals provided our eBond solution and combined six 5G hot spots with unlimited data to ensure their vendors and attendees were connected throughout the weekend-long event. With the combined hotspots, eTech Rentals provided a fail-proof bonded solution.

Additionally, they needed a solution to handle registration and check-ins for over 4000 attendees. Their top priorities were speed, ease of registration, and a seamless check-in process. Our team had the perfect solution with 40 iPhones 

With eTech Rental’s full-service iPhone solution, our tech team installed all iPhones with apps before delivery. In this case, both square and OnArrival by Cvent were installed. The iPhones were then capable of scanning tickets and QR codes to seamlessly check-in attendees.

Short & Long Term WiFi Rental – Daily, Weekly or Monthly Contracts.

eTech Rentals offers flexible rental times and rates and maintains state of the art, enterprise-grade network equipment, with unique capabilities over consumer network and on-site venue gear. We’re in the business of providing reliable internet when and where you need so you can keep your engineers and teams seamlessly connected to the Internet for as long as your event is running. Plug and play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access to our support team, makes our system THE choice for coding teams and hackathon event planners.


Service & Features Include:

    • High Density WiFi – support for every device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, kiosks, TVs, POS machines, etc.
    • 5G WiFi Hotspot ready modems and access points
    • Channel planning and setup assistance
    • Hotspots, Satellite Internet, and enterprise level internet devices all available.
    • Call us for availability in your area and to discuss the details of your next event!

HQ in LA, White-Glove Delivery Today

eTech Rentals provides event and business technology equipment to SoCal companies who rely on our expertise in the LA event space and our relationship with production houses in Hollywood, Culver City and Burbank. Our clients have come to expect the best equipment and one of the fastest turnaround delivery times in the business. All our portable devices such as iPads and iPhones and hotspots come with same-day, white-glove, delivery here in Los Angeles, CA and the surrounding area and lightening-fast same-day shipping on portable and mobile devices to every other metropolitan area in the continental U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of WiFi solutions do you offer?

eTech has enterprise arrays, bonded WiFi, and multiple 5G hotspots available for rent. Our enterprise arrays are available only in California for large indoor/outdoor events and gaming competitions. Nationally we offer bonded WiFi solutions that can support 100’s of users, as well as smaller 5G hotspot solutions for 30+ users. Our technicians are able to assess the location and type of event. In some cases, your event will need an onsite technician that will set up, monitor and troubleshoot all connectivity issues. Large scale events or difficult locations (outside, concrete spaces or multi-room complexes) often need the expertise that our technicians provide.

What if our event venue or space already offers WiFi?

All too often, venue WiFi is spotty at best and can be very slow. No doubt, you’ve attended events or conferences where you couldn’t even get connected, or you were unable to download critical information in a timely manner.

Since we know that effective WiFi is always at the core of any successful event, eTechRentals works with the venue to augment the existing WiFi or completely replace it. This often is far less expensive than the venue’s comparable Internet solution.