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The Best Video Editing Computers and Software

If you ask 100 video editors what their favorite video editing software is, you might get 100 different answers. And while the choices are a bit more limited with computers compared to software, you would…

mac studio on desktop

Mac Studio: Why Graphic Designer and FX Editors Love It

Apple’s Mac laptops and desktops have long been fan favorites for creatives. Video and FX editors, graphic designers, animators, and more marvel at the power and performance that have come standard in these machines over…


10 Creative Ways Brands Have Used Vending Machines 

When you think of a vending machine, you likely think of the near-impossible decision of picking between M&Ms or Skittles, Coke or Dr. Pepper. These days though, vending machines are much more than snack and…


Planning Employee Onsites for Remote Employees

No matter if you are for or against it, the fact of the matter is that remote and hybrid work models are here to stay (in industries where remote work is possible). Many companies considered…