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Brad Etheridge

Milko, Abraham, Tamara, and their team helped us run a VERY complicated 12 VR headset film premiere at a high end theater, and we could not have asked for a better partner. eTech is a HUGE recommend and I'll be using them going forward!

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Brad E.

Daniel Sol

We love eTech and I HIGHLY recommend them! We use them for all our screening events for all of our festivals (HollyShorts, Monthly Screenings, Panels, and Hollywood Comedy Shorts). They are a great provider of timely service and delivery on all our event production needs. Milko and his team are awesome, friendly, knowledgeable and fast. Big time help for our sound and tech equipment needs!

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Daniel S.

inDspotlight Productions­™

eTech has been one of the greatest partnerships we could ask for. As we near a major change in production for our company, the guys at eTech have been able to provide us with necessary Live Streaming event Wi-Fi rentals such as the SlingStudio. The ability to have a place in Los Angeles with affordable equipment for our digital productions like huge 4k TV/Monitors, laptops, iPad Pro rentals is something we never thought we'd more

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inDspotlight Productions­™

susan johnston

Milko is delightful. We had two of the eTech Rentals charger stations at our 9th Annual New Media Film Festival at the James Bridges Theater on UCLA campus during graduation more

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Susan J.

eTech Rentals has helped HollyShorts Film Festival for quite some time now. We recently held our Monthly Screenings at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA and Milko was incredibly helpful. He showed up way before more

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Oscar A.

OMG, what can I say - eTech Rentals (Milko!) provided a phenomenal solution for editing a never-ending client video project. The machine was fantastic - I wanted to kidnap it - so fast and glitch-free, cutting 4K video like a hot knife thru more

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Norm H.

Nick Night

eTech Rentals sponsored my film festival (RAW Film Festival) by supplying us with VR headsets for showing our official VR selections at the festival. This was a huge help to us! more

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Nick N.

Lillith Black

As a writer, I want to spend my time on writing and not on solving technical problems. That's where eTech Rentals comes in and they do it so well. Pleasant, professional and quick, they really know what they are more

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Lillith B.

Josh Weinberg

I had a great first experience with Milko and his crew at eTech. We used them at a large show business industry event. His tech helped my company stand out and made sure my product looked great for the more

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Josh W.

Annie Hollenbeck

Milko and his team at eTech Rentals went above and beyond to ensure our event was a success. They provided entertainment, rentals, and even some last-minute troubleshooting assistance on the day of our event that veritably saved our check-in! Not to mention, their customer service leading up to the event was second to none . . . Couldn't recommend eTech rentals enough! more

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Annie H.

Nancy Dobbs Owen

Milko and his team at eTech Rentals were awesome when setting up a live stream event for our launch event. They made numerous trips to the site, were kind and courteous and really helpful in every way! Would definitely recommend them highly!

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Nancy D.

Excellent solution-driven workflows by Milko and his team at eTech Rentals -- with clear, concise communication every step of the way. The Getty Images Video Team was incredibly appreciative of the expertise and efficiency Milko added to make our live stream/broadcast a success.

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David A.