Walter R. Blurp

I recently had to rent a projector system for an event. I found eTech Rentals online and decided to use them. They provide great products, quality customer service, and are affordable…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Susan J. Blurp

Milko is delightful. We had two of the eTech Rentals charger stations at our 9th Annual New Media Film Festival at the James Bridges Theater on UCLA campus during graduation weekend…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Olivia C. Blurp

Milko and his team are incredible! We started renting iPads for ThinkLA events a couple months ago and I can’t say enough good things about their service. Scheduling the drop off and pick up is so easy…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Nick N. Blurp

eTech Rentals sponsored my film festival (RAW Film Festival) by supplying us with VR headsets for showing our official VR selections at the festival. This was a huge help to us!…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Josh W. Blurp

I had a great first experience with Milko and his crew at eTech. We used them at a large show business industry event. His tech helped my company stand out and made sure my product looked great for the crowd…read more Read all eTech Reviews