Susan J. Blurp

Milko is delightful. We had two of the eTech Rentals charger stations at our 9th Annual New Media Film Festival at the James Bridges Theater on UCLA campus during graduation weekend…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Oscar A. Blurp

eTech Rentals has helped HollyShorts Film Festival for quite some time now. We recently held our Monthly Screenings at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA and Milko was incredibly helpful. He showed up way before showtime…read more Read all eTech...

Norm H. Blurp

OMG, what can I say – eTech Rentals (Milko!) provided a phenomenal solution for editing a never-ending client video project. The machine was fantastic – I wanted to kidnap it – so fast and glitch-free, cutting 4K video like a hot knife thru...

Nick N. Blurp

eTech Rentals sponsored my film festival (RAW Film Festival) by supplying us with VR headsets for showing our official VR selections at the festival. This was a huge help to us!…read more Read all eTech Reviews

Lillith B. Blurp

As a writer, I want to spend my time on writing and not on solving technical problems. That’s where eTech Rentals comes in and they do it so well. Pleasant, professional and quick, they really know what they are doing…read more Read all eTech...