Cycling Fundraising Event

A charity cycling event in Colombus, Ohio achieved tremendous success in its latest edition, thanks to the seamless integration of technology and the invaluable support provided by our eTech Rentals.

The Challenges:

  • Limited access to reliable Wi-Fi in outdoor areas for registration and production staff.
  • Need for efficient communication tools for participants and organizers.
  • Requirement for multiple devices with specific apps for production, registration, merchandise, scheduling, and communication.

Benefits of Renting from eTech Rentals:

  • eTech Rentals provided 87 iPads for production, registration, merchandise, and scheduling needs.
  • 24 iPhones with T-Mobile data served as effective communication tools.
  • 10 Verizon Hotspots enabled outdoor Wi-Fi for registration, production trailers, and merchandise tents.
  • Package labeling and organization simplified device management.
  • Four 30-device chargers streamlined the charging process, ensuring uninterrupted device usage.
  • The seamless integration of rented devices enhanced operations, communication, and participant experience.
  • eTech Rentals’ support and expertise contributed to the success of raising funds and awareness for cancer research.

Over the course of two weeks, eTech Rentals supplies them with a comprehensive range of devices, including 87 Wi-Fi Only iPads, 24 iPhones equipped with T-Mobile data, and 10 Verizon Hotspots. These devices were strategically utilized to enhance various aspects of the event, ensuring smooth operations and an exceptional participant experience.

The iPads played a pivotal role in different areas of the event. They were utilized in production, facilitating behind-the-scenes tasks and coordinating the intricate logistics of the event. Additionally, they served as efficient registration tools, enabling quick and convenient check-ins for participants. The iPads were also utilized for merchandise sales and point-of-sale (POS) transactions, streamlining the purchasing process. Moreover, they served as scheduling tools, allowing organizers to efficiently manage and communicate event schedules to all stakeholders.

The iPhones, equipped with T-Mobile data, served as essential communication tools throughout the event. Participants and organizers relied on these devices to stay connected, ensuring effective coordination and real-time communication between different teams and individuals.

To provide reliable internet connectivity, we supplied 10 Verizon Hotspots. These hotspots were strategically deployed to offer outdoor Wi-Fi access during the registration process, ensuring seamless connectivity for participants. They were also utilized in trailers for production staff, allowing them to stay connected and access critical information on the go. Furthermore, the hotspots were placed at merchandise tents, enabling smooth transactions and providing staff with easy access to necessary apps.

To streamline the charging process, we included four 30-device chargers, offering a practical solution to charge up to 120 devices using just four outlets. This setup ensured that the devices remained powered throughout the event, minimizing any disruptions caused by low battery levels.

With the seamless integration of our devices and technology solutions, the charity successfully executed an extraordinary event. The iPads, iPhones, and hotspots played crucial roles in various aspects of the event, enabling efficient communication, smooth operations, and enhanced participant experiences.

Photos From This Event:

About eTech Rentals:

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