Concerts + Festivals: Top Rental Technology to Keep Your Vendors and Guests Happy

When it comes to providing an unforgettably-great guest experience at a concert or festival, event planners know all too well that the performance is only one part of the equation. Seeing talented musicians and performers might be what gets people in the door in the first place, but if the rest of the event fails to live up to modern-day standards, it can overshadow a great show. Potentially, to the level that guests may write off that particular event or that particular venue in the future. 

On the other side of the coin, vendors also have come to have certain expectations from the events they choose to, and often pay to, be a part of. Getting a return-on-investment might be their main focus, but if the event fails to provide a positive experience overall, they may decide it’s not worth the headache in the future. 

A lot goes into providing a great experience for vendors and guests, from pre-event communications to food and beverage offerings and more. But one aspect that often gets overlooked is how technology-friendly, and empowered the event is. 

Here are a few simple ways concert and festival planners can utilize technology rentals to provide vendors and guests with a great experience. 

Informational iPad Kiosks

Something that can be very frustrating when attending a large concert or festival where many shows are spread out across different locations and stages, is not being able to figure out where you need to go. 

Additionally, at festivals where vendors are set up in certain areas, attendees and reps from vendors want to be able to quickly and easily know things like where to check-in, how to check-in, where to find certain booths and more. 

An information desk manned by staff members is one option for solving this problem, but that means paying more employees, long lines, and even confusion among guests of where to find the information booth. 

Instead, consider setting up informational kiosks with iPads all around the space. This allows people to walk right up and find the information they need. You can also enable vendors to check-in right on the kiosk and provide all the information they need before they go set up their areas. 

This frees up your staff members to work in other areas, and if you set up multiple across the venue, likely limits lines forming. Instead of buying expensive iPads and their kiosks, rent directly from eTech. 

Food and Beverage Ordering Kiosks

Nationwide, the hospitality industry has seen major staffing shortages, and it’s likely your concert venue or festival is feeling that pain. 

One of the worst experiences for guests is when they get up from their seats to go get food and drinks, and end up missing a large portion of the show because they were stuck in line waiting to order and get their items. 

A potential solution for this issue is to set up kiosks with iPads where people can walk up, select what they would like to have, and pay directly on the iPad. This allows for more staff members to focus on preparing and giving out the orders, as opposed to taking the orders and payments. 

Charging Stations 

In this day and age, there is very little more anxiety-inducing than a rapidly dying phone. So much of people’s lives are wrapped up in being able to stay connected, and especially for those who have kids at home, being able to be reached is of the utmost importance. 

A dead phone battery can also be a safety hazard for those that elected to use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to get to the event, and plan to utilize it to get home. 

Another aspect to consider for vendors, in particular, is that they are there to work and much of what they do may rely on technology like iPads or laptops. Things like selling merchandise and food, or collecting attendee information rely on technology with a full battery. 

However, even if guests and vendors remembered to bring their individual chargers for their devices, finding outlets and areas to stand while technology charges is difficult unless you provide specific locations for them to do so. 

By renting charging stations from eTech, you can provide attendees with a designated spot to charge their devices and ultimately, peace of mind. This can help you stand out from other events


We provide a variety of charging station options and iPad/kiosk rentals at eTech Rentals. There is equipment for events of every size, ranging from compact, portable alternatives that are perfect for small gatherings to enormous glass-top tables that can charge up to nine smartphones. We can ship to wherever your event is and our staff is always happy to help and consult on how to best set up the equipment. Reach out today. 

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