City Marathon

A popular Marathon and highly anticipated event, attracted over 22,000 participants along with numerous fans and friends. However, there was a lack of internet connectivity at the finish line venue, which posed a challenge for photographers, press teams, and marathon staff who needed to stay connected and upload photos in real-time.

To address this issue, eTech Rentals stepped in and offered our reliable internet eBond service exclusively for photographers at the Marathon. We understood the importance of seamless connectivity for capturing and sharing memorable moments from the race.

In addition to providing internet access, we also supplied two high-quality displays equipped with hotspots. These displays were strategically placed to enable media personnel to stream the marathon in real-time. This allowed journalists, reporters, and other media representatives to cover the event efficiently, ensuring that the spectators and viewers could stay up to date with the latest happenings.

Recognizing the unique requirements of the client, our team tailored the solution to meet their needs. As the client did not require onsite support, we provided remote support services, ensuring smooth operations and prompt troubleshooting if any issues arose.

Overall, eTech Rentals successfully met the connectivity demands of the Marathon, enabling photographers, press teams, and marathon staff to stay connected, share content, and provide live coverage of the event. Our reliable WiFi and streaming services contributed to the overall success of the marathon, enhancing the experience for participants, supporters, and the wider audience.

Photos From This Event:

About eTech Rentals:

eTech Rentals maintains the latest network equipment, offering greater capabilities over consumer network gear. Our mission is to keep your team, tour, or event connected and working at all times. Plug-and-play ease of use, proper packaging, and remote access to our support team make our system the choice for remote and nearby events. 

eTech rentals are a trusted source for high-speed and secure satellite internet solutions for every location shoot, live event or outdoor festival. No matter the event’s scale or size, we can fully configure, install and integrate the most efficient satellite internet solutions. 

And to support your event or activity, eTech also rents iPad, Surface Pro and other tablets, monitors and displays, laptops and PCs, office equipment, and AV and VR technologies, providing a one-stop solution for your tech rental needs. 

To make your upcoming events successful and free of technical worries, contact our rental experts, or submit the quick eQuote today — and experience what easy, effective service from eTech Rentals is all about.

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