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  • 10 Creative Ways Brands Have Used Vending Machines 

    When you think of a vending machine, you likely think of the near-impossible decision of picking between M&Ms or Skittles, Coke or Dr. Pepper. These days though, vending machines are much more than snack and…

  • Planning Employee Onsites for Remote Employees

    No matter if you are for or against it, the fact of the matter is that remote and hybrid work models are here to stay (in industries where remote work is possible). Many companies considered…

  • M1 Chip

    Just How Fast is Apple’s M1 Chip?

    Since debuting its first silicon chip – the M1 – and moving away from Intel-based processing within its computers, Apple has seen great success with speed and performance.  According to the company’s website, the M1…

  • Working

    What is Event Management Software and Why Do You Need It?

    If you have experience planning events for your company, chances are you’ve come across event management software. And if not, you have likely spent many unnecessary hours running through manual processes that can now be…

  • event site security

    How to Make Your Event Site and App Data More Secure

    Image courtesy of swoop More so than ever before, people are (rightfully) concerned about data security and privacy. It seems like every other day you see something in the news about a security breach of…

  • Equipment Spotlight: Square + Stripe Credit Card Readers

    If you’ve ever worked at a company with any aspect of sales (as in pretty much every company), you’ve likely heard the adage, “Don’t forget your ABCs.” It stands for ‘always be closing’, and it…

  • Mac Studio Setup

    Newly Released: The Mac Studio

    The good news is, film companies, FX editing studios, experiential marketing firms, and other creative teams needing access to these powerful machines – but not looking to make a huge long-term investment – can turn to eTech to rent Mac Studios. We have bulk inventory to furnish your team’s needs, and the devices are compact enough to ship to satellite office locations, but still pack a huge punch with the graphics software. 

  • Why WiFi and 5G are Important for Your Product Launch Event

    After months or even years of research and development, testing, trial-runs, pre-releases, customer feedback, and more – you’re finally ready for your big product launch event. While it’s exciting to reach this point after so…

  • What Are the Best Smartphones for Filmmaking?

    While film- or documentary-making with an iPhone isn’t a new concept, the technology that makes it possible just keeps getting better. With constantly-improving cameras that are capable of capturing crisp details (even in low-light settings)…

  • The New Redesigned 14” and 16” MacBook Pros

    Apple’s M1 chip, first introduced in their 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 model, was groundbreaking. Its “system on chip” design replaced the previous models’ Intel processor and offered improved processing, speed, and general performance for graphics-heavy…