Mac Studio

  • mac studio on desktop

    Mac Studio: Why Graphic Designer and FX Editors Love It

    Apple’s Mac laptops and desktops have long been fan favorites for creatives. Video and FX editors, graphic designers, animators, and more marvel at the power and performance that have come standard in these machines over…

  • M1 Chip

    Just How Fast is Apple’s M1 Chip?

    Since debuting its first silicon chip – the M1 – and moving away from Intel-based processing within its computers, Apple has seen great success with speed and performance.  According to the company’s website, the M1…

  • Mac Studio Setup

    Newly Released: The Mac Studio

    The good news is, film companies, FX editing studios, experiential marketing firms, and other creative teams needing access to these powerful machines – but not looking to make a huge long-term investment – can turn to eTech to rent Mac Studios. We have bulk inventory to furnish your team’s needs, and the devices are compact enough to ship to satellite office locations, but still pack a huge punch with the graphics software.